• Albanian Prime Minister Says “Kosovo Is America”

    June 10, 2023
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    Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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    In explaining why he did not consult with the autonomous province of Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti in drafting his proposal for the establishment of a Community of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that “Kosovo is America.”

    Rama explained, “This is a contribution of Albania as another country. We are brothers, but we are two different countries. Albania has its own state, Kosovo has its own state.” The Albanian Prime Minister distanced himself from the provocatory actions of Kurti’s regime in Prishtina against Serbs. “Albania in this case is completely in line with the USA and the EU, with France and Germany, with the attitude of what the Kosovo authorities are doing. Albania cannot contribute to this process, except by being very ethical in relation to its allies and its own position.”

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    Rama dismissed the possibility of a new war in Kosovo. “This is the last thing I imagine. There’s a saying ‘never say never,’ but I want to say ‘never’ on this one. For the fact that who will fight in Kosovo? Will Serbia fight America? Kosovo is America,” the Albanian Prime Minister explained to the media. “For the information of those who have forgotten, Kosovo is not yet completely sovereign as long as there is an entire foreign army in its territory, and as long as it is not recognized internationally by everyone. So, no matter what Serbia does, will it attack America?”



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