• Globalist Left And Right In Bulgaria Unite In An Unholy Alliance Forming “American Embassy Coalition”

    June 10, 2023
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    Protests outside of the Bulgarian Parliament after the election of the new "American Embassy Coalition" government, via Facebook

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    After a series of five special parliamentary elections, the globalist parties representing the Right and the Left in Bulgaria have joined forces to form a regular government at the direction of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia which actively interferes in the country’s internal affairs. The U.S. Embassy, concerned about growing anti-American sentiment in the country and the unpopularity of the war in Ukraine, forced the globalist parties under its direct influence to set aside their differences to form a government to support American and EU interests. This was revealed when secret recordings became public proving that the globalist parties were taking instructions from the U.S. and other Western embassies in Sofia concerning the formation of a new government.

    After the announcement of the new “American Embassy Coalition” as it is commonly referred to, Nikolay Denkov, representing the leftist globalist coalition led by the corrupt Continue the Change Party that illegally funneled munitions to Ukraine, was elected Prime Minister with 132 votes out of a total of 201. Deputies from the globalist right coalition of GERB-SDS, under the leadership of former Prime Minister Boyko Borrisov, himself previously arrested on corruption charges by We Continue the Change leader Kiril Petkov, also voted for the election of Denkov.

    The agreement makes Mariya Gabriel, who has initially been nominated by GERB as Prime Minister, the deputy prime minister, with promises to rotate the position of Prime Minister with Denkov every nine months.

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    The formation of the new government is seen as an afront to Bulgaria’s national sovereignty. Protests erupted outside of parliament following the vote and more are expected over the weekend.

    The unholy alliance between the two globalist parties, leaves the nationalist Vazrazhdane Party as the main political opposition force in the country. All 37 of its deputies voted against the new government. Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov, said that his party does not recognize this government, as: “It is not Bulgarian and does not represent the Bulgarian people and its own electorate.” Kostadinov called on Vazrazhdane supporters not to recognize the newly elected government, to declare civil disobedience and to refuse to follow "the orders of these criminals". Kostadinov added that the new Prime Minister Denkov ia “a soon-to-be defendant, who only represents the interests of the American Embassy.”

    Bulgarian President Rumen Radev also criticized the parties involved in the “American Embassy Coalition” saying, “I do not expect the kiss between Borissov and Petkov would give birth to anything except disgust and that does not lead to trust and sustainable solutions.” The President added that both GERB and WCC GERB-UDF and CC-DB betrayed the trust of their voters. “This Government was formed amidst exceedingly grave compromises which affect the very foundations of democracy and of morality in politics. This implies risks and insecurity,” the President told reporters.

    New Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, vis Wikimedia Commons

    The composition of the "American Embassy Coalition" Government in Bulgaria:

    Prime Minister - Nikolay Denkov

    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs - Mariya Gabriel;

    Minister of Finance - Asen Vassilev;

    Minister of Internal Affairs - Kalin Stoyanov;

    Minister of Regional Development and Public Works - Andrey Tsekov;

    Minister of Labor and Social Policy - Ivanka Shalapatova;

    Minister of Defense - Todor Tagarev;

    Minister of Justice - Atanas Slavov;

    Minister of Education and Science - Galin Tsokov;

    Minister of Health - Hristo Hinkov;

    Minister of Culture - Krastyu Krastev;

    Minister of Environment and Water and Chairman of the Advisory Council for the European Green Deal - Julian Popov;

    Minister of Agriculture and Food - Kiril Marinov Vatev;

    Minister of Transport and Communications - Georgi Gvozdeikov;

    Minister of Economy and Industry - Bogdan Bogdanov;

    Minister of Innovation and Growth - Milena Stoycheva;

    Minister of Energy - Rumen Radev;

    Minister of e-government - Alexander Iolovski;

    Minister of Tourism - Zaritsa Dinkova;

    Minister of Youth and Sports - Dimitar Iliev.



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