• Referendum Initiative In Bulgaria To Declare Neutrality And Protect National Sovereignty

    May 19, 2023
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    Members of the Committee for the Referendum for Peace and Sovereignty gathering signatures in Sofia, via Facebook

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    In a sign of ever-increasing frustration over the neo-colonial political system in Bulgaria propped up by Western alliances, the non-partisan committee of the Common Bulgarian March for Peace and Neutrality has initiated a petition drive in the country in an attempt to force a referendum with the goal of removing the country from foreign entanglements.

    The referendum's goal is to adopt a policy of military neutrality for Bulgaria to cease any involvement in the war in Ukraine and other potential military conflicts unless the territory of the country is directly attacked. The referendum would also prohibit the use of Bulgarian armed forces outside of the country’s borders unless approved by a national referendum and not allow foreign troops to be stationed within the country’s borders without similar approval.

    The proposed referendum would also simplify the process for calling a national referendum, as well as requiring that long-term treaties are approved by a national referendum, as well as the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers.

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    The referendum, entitled “Bulgaria for Peace and Sovereignty,” has collected 20,000 signatures in the first week, 30,000 in the second, and another 35,000 signatures in the third week Sarnela Vodenicharova, part of the Initiative Committee for the  Referendum for Peace and Sovereignty told the media. The petition drive has faced a media blackout from the globalist press. In order for the proposed referendum to be on the ballot, organizers will have to garner 400,000 signatures during the 10-week collection period.

    A referendum initiative by the Vazrazhdane Party to protect the financial independence of the country by maintaining the Bulgarian Lev as the national currency recently filed the required number of signatures. It is expected to be on the ballot this fall.



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