• President Of The Romanian Academy Blasts Woke Culture Equating It With Communism

    June 12, 2023
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    President of the Romanian Academy Ion Aurel Pop, via Facebook

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    The President of the Romanian Academy, Professor Ioan Aurel Pop, one of the country’s most distinguished historians, spoke out against the woke culture infecting academic circles and being imported from the West, rightfully equating it with communism under which his country suffered for decades.

    During a speech in Brașov, Pop recounted a recent visit by an American academic to the Romanian Academy, “Someone from the United States came to tell us that if the Gypsies [Roma] were slaves for 500 years, from now on we should be slaves for 500 years to compensate and make up for that. How can you have a dialogue in this manner?”

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    “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? Lex Talionis? Are we going back to what it was in antiquity? What do you mean, punish me for 500 years?,” the President of the Romanian Academy asked. “I don’t understand the idea of apologizing for what your ancestors did 200 or 40 years ago. Have we started, like during communism, to pour ashes on our heads for the deeds of our grandparents and parents? Are we going back to communism, where children were not admitted to colleges because the grandfather was bourgeois?”



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