• Teachers’ Strike In Romania Suspended After Four Weeks Of Protests

    June 13, 2023
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    According to the unions, the teachers' strike is suspended but does not end. The emergency ordinance set the starting salary at the national average and mandated a 50% pay raise starting on January 1, 2024, to reflect the gap between the present salaries and those on the new scale.

    A joint statement from the Education unions announced the suspension of the strike by employees in the education sector. The national strike that has been occurring in schools since May 22 was on its thirteenth day on Monday, June 12. The press release says the strike will resume "in the event that the principles contained in the emergency ordinance will not be applied in the text of the new wage law."

    According to the press release, the requirement is that an emergency law must be adopted today, must stipulate that the debutantes' salaries will be equal to the economic average and that on January 1, 2024, it will grow by 50% of the gap between the existing salaries and those in the new grid.

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    The joint statement from the Federation of Free Trade Unions in Education and the Federation of Trade Unions in Education "Spiru Haret" is reproduced below:

    "The strike is suspended!

    Following consultation with the affiliated trade union leaders at the Leaders' College meetings of the two federations, the Federation of Free Trade Unions in Education and the Federation of Trade Unions in Education "SPIRU HARET" decided to suspend the general strike, subject to the following emergency ordinance being established in today's government meeting, by a separate article:

    – The tenet that stipulates that the debutante professors’ or university assistants’ basic pay will be based on the average gross annual wage for the economy, which accounts for 23% of the maximum salary scale in the public system and upon which the known state social insurance budget is based;

    – Starting on January 1, 2024, the first pay increase installment will be granted (representing 50% of the wage increase allowed by the new salary law).

    The strike will be reinstated if the emergency ordinance's guiding principles are not followed in the language of the new wage law.”

    For the time being, nothing has changed regarding the summer break in 2023. After June 16, when lessons are supposed to end for students, the school year 2022–2023 will not be extended, the minister of education, Ligia Deca, stated in a news conference following the government meeting on Sunday, June 11. According to Deca, the discomfort brought on by the heat is the reason why kids won't attend classes to make up for the days when their teachers went on the largest strike in 18 years.



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