• Bulgaria’s New U.S.-Imposed Government Ignores The Wishes Of Its Population And Pursues War In Ukraine

    June 22, 2023
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    Bulgaria's new defense minister Todor Tagarev, via Twitter

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    Even though 70% of the population of Bulgaria opposes military assistance to Ukraine, the new government recently imposed by the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, is obeying the commands of its masters in Washington and Brussels. Newly-appointed Defense Minister Todor Tagerev announced that the new government is preparing a new tranche of military aid for Ukraine, despite the fact that the people they allegedly represent overwhelmingly oppose such a move.

    Tagarev told reporters that Bulgaria will soon join the European agreement to provide one million artillery rounds to Ukraine. The new defense minister is pitching the move as an investment in Bulgaria’s military-industrial complex. “In this case, we are talking about investments, European funds in expanding the capacity and modernizing our defense industry, as long as we have not missed the opportunity,” he argued, referring to United States' offers to replace Bulgaria’s aging military equipment with more modern systems that would be purchased from U.S. defense contractors.

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    Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev, as well as the patriotic forces in the Bulgarian parliament oppose the moves to escalate Bulgaria’s involvement in the conflict. They argue that the move will weaken Bulgaria militarily and involve it in a conflict that does not align with the country’s national interests. They also say the move is anti-democratic as the vast majority of the population opposes military aid to Ukraine.



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