• Republika Srpska Votes To Not Apply Decisions Of Bosnia’s Constitutional Court On Its Territory

    June 28, 2023
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    Milorad Dodik speaking before the National Assembly in Banja Luka on Tuesday, via his official website

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    With globalist pressure intensifying to nullify the provisions of the Dayton Agreement to create a centralized Bosnian state subservient to Western interests, the National Assembly of Republika Srpska voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday that the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina will no longer be applied on the territory of the Republic. That Assembly adopted the measure intended to protect the autonomy of Republika Srpska with 56 votes out of 65 present.

    “The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot change the constitutional order,” the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, said at a special session of the National Assembly. “I will be the one who will again propose to prohibit the operation of the SIPA of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Republic of Srpska until these institutions are returned to the constitutional framework.”

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    The President emphasized that the Constitutional Court is promoting a centralist Bosniak policy with the support of foreigners. “The essence of the Dayton Agreement is decentralization,” Dodik insisted. “The Constitutional Court continuously violates the Constitution. And this decision they made a few days ago is also unconstitutional. We remind you that the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not give any response after the request from Republika Srpska to withdraw the controversial decision to delete Article 39 of the Rulebook of that court by noon on Friday, June 23, which provides for the postponement of the session if at least one judge elected by the National Assembly of Republika Srpska is not present.”

    At its session on June 19, the Constitutional Court of BiH judicial deleted the article of the rulebook which stipulates that “at least one judge from Republika Srpska and three judges from the Federation” must attend the sessions where the constitutionality of laws passed at the BiH level or lower levels is adjudicated. The decision effectively excludes Republika Srpska from having a voice in decisions that directly impact it, undermining the democratic order.

    Dodik emphasized the need to enforce the decision in order to protect the autonomy of Republika Srpska which is under attack by the globalist forces in Sarajevo, backed by the U.S. and EU. “The moment some judge in, say, Trebinje or East Sarajevo returns a decision for a new decision by order of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will abolish that court,” Dodik explained.



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