• Hungary’s Orban Blasts EU’s Fiscal Irresponsibility

    July 2, 2023
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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán via Facebook

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    Arriving at the EU Summit in Brussels on Thursday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban lambasted European officials for their fiscal irresponsibility. “The European Union has been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy,” Orban declared. “We want to know who is responsible for this!”

    The Hungarian Prime Minister stated, “Brussels is demanding new resources from member states to cover the EU budget deficit due to rising interest rates, while still withholding money owed to Hungary and Poland from previous joint borrowings. This is unacceptable.” The European Union has run out of money only two years into its seven-year budget.

    EU members are also being asked at the summit to provide more money to finance the war in Ukraine, leading Orban to question, “It is impossible that Brussels could provide another aid of 50 billion euros to Ukraine, while we do not know anything about the use of EU money sent since the beginning of the war?”

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    He also harshly criticized EU plans, being developed with the Soros Foundation, to increase spending on encouraging illegal immigration into Europe. “Instead of stopping illegal immigration, Brussels wants to spend new billions to relocate illegal migrants to Europe,” the Hungarian Prime Minister declared, expressing his dismay at the situation.

    “On top of this, the Commission would take additional billions of euros from the member states to increase the salaries of Brussels bureaucrats. This is outrageous!” Orban declared on Facebook.



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