• Orbán: Soros Is Undermining Peace And Security In The World

    June 18, 2023
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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via Twitter

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    In an interview with Rádió Kossuth on Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talked about the efforts of the Soros Empire to undermine peace and stability in the world. The Hungarian leader said “George Soros is a war speculator,” and he added, “if there today in the Western world a person who can stop this war and create peace, this is the former president of the United States, Donald Trump.” He also called out Soros’s efforts to force migrant quotas on European countries.

    According to Orbán, the recent slew of legal proceedings against Donald Trump are intended to stop the former president from bringing peace to the world. “The Soros empire is attacking Trump so that Americans cannot elect a pro-peace politician,” he pointed out.

    “The majority opinion is that this war can be ended and decided on the battlefield. The Hungarian position is that there is no solution to this conflict on the battlefield. Control of events must be taken back from the soldiers, let diplomacy come again, let the politicians negotiate, let there be a cease-fire and in the meantime start peace talks. I think this is in the interest of the world, Europe, and Hungary,” the Prime Minister added.

    “The gravity of the situation is best shown by the fact that the American president is already talking about how there is nothing wrong with Ukraine receiving uranium munitions from the United States, while the Russian president says that as God gives, so God gives. take: two nuclear powers have uranium wants to deploy ammunition in Hungary’s neighbor, a few hundred kilometers from the border with Hungary; so we can see from here that the situation is worse than ever,” he explained.

    “George Soros is a speculator, a war speculator who hopes to gain financial advantage at the cost of great human losses.”

    When asked about George Soros talking about a brilliant Ukrainian victory in his latest article and calling for the recapture of Crimea and the continuation and expansion of the war, Orbán replied, “There are always speculators when there is war, George Soros is a speculator, a war speculator who hopes to gain financial advantage at the cost of great human losses.”

    But Orbán added that Soros’s pro-war agenda will be thwarted: “I’m sure that in the end — this might even happen openly and publicly in a few months — against the pro-war, against the pro-war majority, the peace party, the minority, the pacifists will be right, and their opinion will become general, or at least majority, in the western world. Anything can happen, that’s why I don’t think it’s good news from the point of view of war, and I find it even worrying that proceedings have been opened in America against the former president of the United States, President Donald Trump, because if there today in the western world a person who can stop this war and create peace, this is the former president of the United States, Donald Trump. And it would be in Hungary’s interest to have at the head of the United States a pro-peace person and a pro-peace politician to lead that part of the world as well. The pro-war people, especially the American Soros Empire are attacking Donald Trump with all their might and doing everything to prevent his election as president.”

    When asked about the recent decision by the authorities in Brussels to impose mandatory migrant quotas on European countries and imposing fines on them if they refuse to do so, the Hungarian Prime Minister replied: “It cannot be accepted, of course, which is why Hungary and Poland voted against the decision…. Step by step in recent years, we felt that we were succeeding in making room for common sense and that we were able to shift the focus of decision-makers in Brussels from the mandatory distribution of migrant quotas to border protection. Because this situation must not be solved by dividing migrants, but by protecting Europe’s external borders, and so we have moved in that direction as well. I felt that we had already won this battle and suddenly there was a decision, quite a coup d’état and quick, that said that whatever country does not allow migrants to enter, they will be forced upon them by force. Now the next question is how much will they force us to do? Now they decide that. So they create rules that reserve Brussels the right to say how many migrants to distribute.

    “The Soros Empire has… forced this mandatory migrant quota down the throats of the majority of Europeans”

    “This is happening now. I think there is a connection between the fact that just a few days ago, George Soros handed over control of his empire to his son, who also said that he wants to do politics much more directly in America and Europe,” Orbán continued. “And I think that the Soros Empire has launched a counterattack here, I might even say that the Soros Empire has fought back, and in a coup d’état-like decision, very quickly, they have forced this mandatory migrant quota down the throats of the majority of Europeans, which I have no intention of implementing.”

    The Hungarian Prime Minister went on to explain how the migrant network is operated and controlled by Soros: “This Soros empire is a far-reaching, extensive, large network. They are everywhere in this migrant world, they basically organize and run the whole migration. And since this decision was made, word has spread through this network of the Soros Empire in the world of migrants that there is a new situation, that Europe is waiting for them, and illegal border crossers have become emboldened. We are experiencing on our southern borders that they are becoming more and more aggressive, carrying out all kinds of violent actions and using dangerous tools. The number of violent burglary attempts is also on the rise. So we have to prepare for the fact that the Soroshes will incite migrants in the summer, and in the summer we will have to repel a more serious offensive….”

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    “At the head of the Soros empire is a new viceroy, and the Americans have put a lot of pressure on Europe,” Orbán continued. “Europe hesitated for a long time. Everyone has seen that German migration policy has not been successful in recent times. “We will solve it,” said the chancellor, then of course they didn’t solve it, after they didn't solve it, now we solve it, we will get from them those they want to share. It turns out that everything has a huge security risk. The number of terrorist acts has increased and public order has reached the point of collapse in many countries, if not entire countries, but in some cities and regions, alarming news is certainly being heard. We do not want to be told the truth in this debate. So we don’t want to say that the Hungarians are right, but the Germans are not. We just want to say that the Germans must be right in Germany and the Hungarians must be right in Hungary. So let the Germans do whatever migrant policy they want, that’s their country. They experiment as they see fit. This is our country, Hungary, the country of the Hungarians. We don’t want to experiment. We think this experiment is risky. The kind of situation where they arrive in large numbers and are illegal migrants from another culture brings a lot of problems. We don’t want to take that risk. We have the right to do that. We only ask those from Brussels not to tell Hungary who we Hungarians should live with. They don’t have the right to tell us what our migration policy should be, because that is exclusively Hungary’s internal issue. By the way, thanks to the amendments following the migration referendum, our constitution is clear and unambiguous. These decisions from Brussels are not in accordance with the Hungarian legal order.”



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    This is a leader that is looking after his people, unlike America's leader JB, a man with no morals, an embarrassment to our country.

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