• Bulgarians Turn Out In Large Numbers To Protest New U.S. Imposed Government

    June 12, 2023
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    Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov addressing reporters outside the National Assembly, via Facebook

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    Supporters of the main opposition party Vazrazhdane, joined by a coalition of other other opposition parties, protested in central Sofia on Saturday to demand the resignation of the new government led by Nikolay Denkov. They called for new early elections.

    The protesters gathered in front of the National Assembly building in the capital, blocking traffic. They also collected signatures to petition for a referendum to ban the teaching of radical gender ideology in Bulgarian schools and for a referendum calling for “peace and sovereignty” to end any Bulgarian involvement in the war in Ukraine.

    “This is not a government, but another mimicry created in the American embassy Our national security is threatened. Should we wait for these people to take us to war and then go out to protest? We do not recognize this government. For us, this is not a Bulgarian government, it is a colonial occupation regime,” Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov told reporters.

    “We are in a situation where our national security is threatened”

    Kostadinov called out the treasonous statements of new Defense Minister Todor Tagaev: “The person Tagarev, before he became a minister, said and continues to say so even as a minister, that Bulgaria should provide the greatest possible help to Ukraine. One of the things he said before he became a minister… is that Bulgaria should give all its C-300 missile systems, as well as its planes. Next week, a meeting of NATO defense ministers is expected, where Ukraine will ask for new weapons, the person Tagarev has already said that he is waiting to see what Ukraine will ask for in order to give it.”

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    “We are in a situation where our national security is threatened,” warned Kostadinov. “Our planes, regardless of whether the national traitors will give them to Ukraine or not, next year their service life will end. From next year, we will be left without combat aviation. These persons are national traitors who should be locked up in prisons for treason.”

    “It is high time to get rid of disastrous American colonial slavery”

    “It is high time to get rid of disastrous American colonial slavery and for Bulgaria to become a free and independent country again! These people are a threat to national security. ️They should have been arrested not given a mandate to govern,” Kostadinov later added in a post on Facebook.

    Addressing demonstrators, Hristo Kolev a leader of the ABV Party, echoed Kostadinov’s assessment, saying that “the war coalition is now a fact and Bulgaria will be drawn into a war thanks to the criminal and xenomanic anti-Bulgarian policy pursued by Defense Minister Tagarev.”

    Later in the afternoon, the demonstrators started a procession, marching past the Council of Ministers and the Palace of Justice, shutting down the center of the city.



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