• Zakharova: “Western Countries Are The Main Beneficiaries Of Illegal Transplant Schemes In Ukraine

    June 17, 2023
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    Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, via official website

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    At her press briefing on Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova addressed the issue of medical trafficking in Ukraine, saying that the country has become the global hub for illegal organ harvesting. Her accusations have recently been corroborated by a whistleblower from a European security organization who claims that the Russians are discovering basement labs with evidence of Ukrainian groups harvesting the organs of children.

    “This business is thriving on the back of the Ukrainian army’s heavy losses,” Zakharova explained. “After organs are removed, the bodies are burned, and the families are told that their loved ones are missing in action. These horrible procedures would have been impossible without the consent of the Kiev regime’s top leaders because they have been formalized by law. Ukraine has become a bonanza for criminals. Illegal transplantology specialists are raking in huge money, and they are not planning to stop.”

    The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman outlined the policies of the Zelensky regime that facilitate these atrocities: “A great deal has been done in Ukraine to facilitate the operation of these transplant specialists. On December 16, 2021, the Verkhovna Rada adopted Law No. 5831 Regulating the Issue of Transplantation of Humans Anatomical Materials, which lifted the requirement for written and notarized consent for a transplant surgery by a living donor or his/her relatives. Do you see what this was done for, how this law is being used now, and for what purpose? There is no need to notarize a donor’s signature. Moreover, they have permitted the removal of children’s organs. The procedure for removing organs from the dead who did not sign an organ donation consent has been simplified and formalized.”

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    “Is it the first law formalizing this atrocity and abomination in Ukraine? No, it is not, but it is the first truly hair-raising act,” Zakharova continued. “A consent for the removal of tissues and organs from a dead body can now be issued by a person who is responsible for the burial. It is a new provision. For example, a chief hospital physician or a military unit commander can give this consent. Not only state but also private hospitals are allowed to conduct transplant operations. Do you understand what this means? What is a private hospital in modern-day Ukraine?  It is a clinic that will perform such operations, where any piece of paper will suffice. They know that they can do this without fear of being called to account. They have been given a blank check. Why? The reason is that it is an extremely profitable business.”

    “Western countries are the main beneficiaries of illegal transplant schemes in Ukraine. This scenario was first tested in Yugoslavia, where the organs removed from the dead were sent to recipients in the West,” Zakharova concluded. “Kiev is ready to make any payment, including the organs of Ukrainians, for the Western military assistance. One day Ukraine will see what its American and European ‘friends’ really needed it for. The realization will come too late, but better late than never. The country is literally being sent to the slaughter. That day will come, but it will be too late to complain. The patient signed the consent. Meanwhile, the relevant international organizations continue to disregard these obvious crimes with an art worthy of a better cause.”

    Young Children Are Raised For Pedophile Child Brothels, Or Murdered To Harvest Their Organs

    Earlier this year, in March a video was published on the BitChute Channel of a Russian soldier who stated that they found a “baby factory” in Ukraine where young children are raised for pedophile child brothels, or murdered to harvest their organs and sell on the Black Market. A 2021 documentary by Polish filmmaker Patryk Vega, called “Eyes of the Devil” also explored this issue. One of the child traffickers who trafficks babies from Poland and Ukraine to child brothels in Germany, was interviewed in the documentary. He claimed that the children, usually between 5 and 7 years old, work for a few years in the brothels until their bodies start to break down. They are then murdered to harvest their organs which are trafficked to the rich and powerful.



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