• Iranian Resistance Calls On U.S. And Albanian Officials To Clarify If MEK Computers Were Turned Over To The Iranian Regime

    July 3, 2023
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    MEK's Ashraf 3 Base in Albania via Wikimedia Commons

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    In a shocking announcement, the head of the Government Information Council in Iran has announced that it has received “part of the hard drives and casings” from the 213 computers seized during the Albanian government’s raid on the Iranian resistance’s (MEK) Ashraf 3 Base on June 20.

    The Iranian state-sponsored Fars News Agency announced on July 3 that “Sepehr Khalaji, head of the Government Information Council, stated on his social media page regarding the return of Monafeqin’s computers to the country: ‘Part of the hard drives and casings have been received.’ Khalaji added: ‘They are busy retrieving information, identifying operatives, and the destructive cores and blind spots.’ Khalaji also wrote about the results obtained regarding the recovery of computer data: ‘The results so far are promising.’”

    The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is calling on U.S. and Albanian officials to clarify immediately if their computers have been turned over to the Mullahs in Iran. If, indeed, the Albanian government has handed over personal computers belonging to MEK members to the Iranian regime, the move would represent a horrific violation of human rights.

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    As the Albanian government operates at the direction of the U.S. State Department, it would prove that the Biden Administration and the Albanian Government are actively collaborating with the ruling religious fascist regime in Iran. Reports of such collaboration have been circulating in intelligence circles in recent weeks. Such a move is particularly concerning because it could lead to the arrest, torture, and execution of families, political prisoners, and supporters of the MEK and the Iranian Resistance throughout the country, as well as lead to increased terrorist activity by the Iranian Regime abroad.

    A press release issued by the Secretariate of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), in response to the news, stated, “Undoubtedly, the responsibility lies squarely with the governments of the United States and Albania. Sharing any information about the MEK with the criminal regime in Iran, which has been condemned 69 times for human rights violations by the United Nations General Assembly and other international bodies, is an absolute red line and completely unacceptable, worthy of prosecution in international courts.”



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