• German Chancellor Imposes Dictates On Bulgaria Regarding North Macedonia

    July 4, 2023
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    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, via Wikimedia Commons

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    On a visit to Skopje to prop up a weakening German hegemony in the Balkans, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz scolded Bulgaria for its objections to North Macedonia’s EU membership and insisted that all the countries, especially Bulgaria, fall into line with the dictates from Berlin and Washington.

    Germany supports North Macedonia's EU membership and recognizes the identity, language, and culture of its people. Now Skopje must implement the promised change in its constitution to remove all obstacles to the country's membership in the European community.” The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said after a meeting with North Macedonia’s prime minister, Dimitar Kovachevski.

    While the chancellor held that a prerequisite for North Macedonia’s membership in the EU is a change in the constitution to recognize the existence of the Bulgarian minority, he scolded Sofia, saying that Bulgaria cannot impose new demands on North Macedonia, This is a normal integration process, in which all conditions are written clearly and no new ones can be added to them, concerning the bilateral relations.”

    While promising the make the required changes to his country’s constitution, Kovachevski said he is optimistic about the future of relations with Bulgaria following the imposition of a government in Sofia that answers to authorities in Brussels and Washington.

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    Germany has been working to recreate the foreign policy of the Third Reich in the Balkans. In June, the Bundestag recognized the existence of a “Macedonian culture, identity and language,” a concept denied by most Bulgarians. Indeed. Most linguists consider Macedonian as a dialect of Bulgarian.

    In an address to Bulgaria’s National Assembly, Angel Georgiev, a representative of the main opposition party Vazrazhdane, accused Scholz of “unprecedented, blatant, systematic and arrogant interference in our internal affairs,” along with “biased opinions about the reforms underway in the Republic of North Macedonia.” He condemned the German chancellor for “harshly instructing and ordering Bulgaria not to raise any new conditions concerning the negotiations for the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to the EU.” He called Germany's recognition of a “Macedonian language as “linguistic engineering,” and “the creation of separate languages for purely political reasons.”



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