• British Extremist Politician Denis MacShane Proposes Ethnic Cleansing In Kosovo By Relocating Serbs

    July 24, 2023
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    Denis MacShane, via Wikimedia Commons

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    British globalist extremist politician Denis MacShane proposed on Twitter that the Western colonial powers implement a policy of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo by relocating Serbs from the autonomous province. MacShane, who served as minister for the European Union under disgraced former prime minister Tony Blair, accused Serbs living in northern Kosovo and Metohija of “completely refusing to live in peace.”

    MacShane’s disdain for Serbs is well-known. The former minister and member of parliament was convicted of fraud in 2013 and served four months in prison. In recent years, he has served as an apologist for the brutal occupation of northern Kosovo and Metohija by the authorities in Prishtina.

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    MacShane’s latest attack on Serbs comes on the heels of British MP Alicia Kearns, a member of the British Parliament and Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, accusing the Serbian Orthodox Church of smuggling weapons into Kosovo. This irresponsible claim by another British globalist known for her hatred of Serbia was quickly denied by KFOR.

    Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova characterized Kearns's comments as an attack on Orthodoxy. “The statements of the British MP Alicia Kearns, in which she accused the Serbian Orthodox Church of arms smuggling in Kosovo and Metohija, are a gross lie and an unfounded attempt to slander,” she told reporters. “The Orthodox world is their number one enemy today.”



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