• Romanian Opposition Leader George Simion Blasts European Union’s Woke Globalist Agenda

    July 24, 2023
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    AUR Leader George Simion, via Twitter

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    The President of Romania's principal opposition party Alianța pentru Unirea Românilor (AUR), George Simion blasted the European Union in a speech on Saturday. Launching the party’s campaign for its candidates in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections, Simion said the European Commission, under the leadership of globalist Ursula von der Leyen “is run by sick minds.”

    Simion told supporters, “They brought us inflation, poverty, an invented pandemic, and are preparing all kinds of madness, while we, in Romania, need hospitals, roads. While half of Romania is buried in poverty, the European Commission is talking about gender identity, climate change, and how to invent new pandemics and new restrictions that affect our fundamental rights and freedoms.”

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    "We will fight for our energy resources and for hydropower plants, for coal, and for the Delta, for our forests, and for our waters. We will fight for a Europe of nations, for democracy, for freedom, for our Romania, and for our Europe. We will go and fight for the normal, healthy family of a man and a woman. We will go, without fear, to defend our farmers, our miners, our children, and their right to a good education and a future here, at home, in Romania," the leader of AUR vowed.



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    Well, at least Romania is telling the Globalist’s their phony climate change nonsense and every woke Family destroying plan of theirs can GTH.

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