• Milorad Dodik Calls For An End To International Interventionism In Bosnia

    September 3, 2023
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    President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, via his official website

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    Faced with legal fare challenges that are becoming a hallmark of the globalist left’s attack on all who oppose them, the President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik reaffirmed his commitment to protecting his country and said that the primary issue is to end international interventionism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    “We are involved in key issues for the defense of Republika Srpska and no one can dispute that. What I been subjected to, the indictment, is solely because I upheld the conclusions and decisions of the democratically-elected National Assembly.” Dodik told reporters.

    The President stated that the key issue in Bosnia is property and that this is what has led the false high representative to impose a law saying that the property belongs to Bosnia to the detriment of Republika Srpska. Dodik was referring to Christian Schmidt, who was appointed High Representative by the colonial powers ruling over Bosnia in violation of the Dayton Agreement which required that anyone occupying that position be approved by the U.N. Security Council.

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    “Our position is that there is no more discussion about it, it is finished. The Constitution of BiH states that BiH is composed of two entities and that everything that is not explicitly given to BiH belongs to the entities. Finished, nothing more need be said,” Dodik declared, adding that in the event that Schmidt tries to promulgate a law on property, he is ready to take radical measures.

    Dodik added that the American and British ambassadors have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He pointed out that solving the issue of international interventionism in Bosnia requires a struggle. Dodik reaffirmed that political life in Republika Srpska should take place at the level of the National Assembly, which is composed of the democratically-elected representatives of the people.



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