• Swedish Political Analyst Says Crimea Is Washington’s Main Target

    September 5, 2023
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    In a video post on SwebbTV, Swedish political analyst Magnus Stenlund discussed the war in Ukraine, saying that the Zelensky Regime is sacrificing its soldiers in a hopeless cause and that Crimea is the real target of those who are directing the war in Washington.

    “Kiev continues to throw its soldiers into the meat grinder, despite the fact that it will not lead to any significant results other than death and suffering,” Stenlund pointed out, adding that such a strategy is “the height of cynicism” on the part of the United States.

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    “It's about prestige, about having no other choice, and about preserving the status of those who made those decisions,” Stenlund explained.

    According to the Swedish analyst, Crimea is Washington's real target: “Recently, Crimea has become almost the focus of the conflict, rather than Eastern Ukraine and Donbas. It is the peninsula that is of greatest interest, not for Kiev, but for Washington. In this way, the US wants to deprive Russia of the ability to defend the Black Sea and to turn Crimea into an American military zone.”



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    Christian Stormark

    Neat little idea about Crimea as some US base. Some DC guy probably got his degree by writing about that. You put degrees on thermometers, and you know where you stick them. Man, that only goes in DC. Nukes gonna hit DC before Crimea goes to US. If that's the level they are on in DC, it's really, really dangerous.

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