• Ukrainian Mayor Shows Contempt For Romania And Romanians

    September 20, 2023
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    Ukrainian and Russian Terrorists Involved in the Attack on TatarBunar in 1924 that killed many Romanians, via Wikimedia Commons

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    The Ukrainian mayor of Tatarbunar in the Romanian territory of Bessarabia that was seized from Romania by the Soviet Union during World War II and is now occupied by Ukraine, referred to a 1924 terrorist attack on the Romanian state that killed many Romanians as “a glorious moment” and an act against “the colonial policy of Romania.”

    Andrii Glushchenko, mayor of Tatarbunar praised the 1924 terrorist attack on the town he now rules, referring to it as a “glorious moment in the history of our native land.” In a Facebook post, the Mayor praised the terrorist attack orchestrated by the Soviet Union in hopes of provoking a communist revolution and accused Romania of carrying “colonial policies” in the area. Many Romanians were killed in the terrorist attack. Glushchenko then went on to call the illegal occupation of Bessarabia by the Soviet Union in 1940, with the agreement of the Nazi regime in Berlin, as “liberation from foreign rule.”

    Glushchenko fabricated his own history of the terrorist attack, saying “Wanting to unite with the entire Ukrainian people, the Bessarabian peasants came out against slavery and injustice, social and national oppression brought by the colonial policy of the Kingdom of Romania. The natural attraction to manage one's own lands, build one's own houses, plant one's gardens and raise one's children urged our ancestors to open and determined struggle. Although the uprising was suppressed with difficulty, it laid the foundation for a strong resistance of the peoples of Bessarabia against oppression, which lasted until almost the moment of liberation in 1940, showing the strength of the will of our inhabitants and their firm determination to free themselves from foreign rule...”

    The mayors remarks have insulted Romania and Romanians. Anatol Popescu, President of the “Bessarabia” National-Cultural Association of Romanians from the Odessa region, called on Glușcenko to publicly apologize to Romanians and to Romania.

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    "We ask the mayor of Tatarbunar, no more, no less, to publicly apologize for the offense brought to Romania and the Romanian people, for his incitement to inter-ethnic hatred, Romanophobia, and communist, pro-Soviet, and pro-Russian propaganda, under the conditions a true war of independence of Ukraine against imperialist Russia, times in which Romania supports the Ukrainian state in every way and hosts hundreds of thousands of war refugees, including those from the small town of Tatarbunar,” Popescu wrote. “In this context, a request for an opinion on the Bolshevik diversion, the genuine terrorist act instigated, financed, and carried out by the USSR on the territory of the Kingdom of Romania, was also sent this morning to the Ukrainian Institute for National Memory, including the request to demolish the monument to the participants in the Bolshevik rebellion from Tatarbunar, as well as the banning of any anniversaries of this regrettable incident, as well as demonstrations related to the establishment of the Moldavian SSR on the territory of Ukraine.”

    The mayor’s remarks are one of many examples of the contempt Ukrainian authorities have shown for Romania and Romanians During a recent Bucharest, Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky thanked several countries for providing aid to Ukraine, but he snubbed Romania despite the fact that the globalist regime in Bucharest has faithfully adhered to U.S. policy on the war and provided substantial support to Ukraine.

    In addition, the new law on national minorities promulgated by Zelensky, oppresses the rights of Romanians living within the present borders of Ukraine to use their own language in schools and churches and is promoting a policy of forced Ukrainianization. As part of these efforts, last year, the Ukrainian authorities removed a monument attesting to the Romanian origin of the city of Cernăuți (Chernivtsi).



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