• Ukraine Is Engaged In “Cultural Genocide” Against Its Ethnic Minorities

    September 11, 2023
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    Romanians in Ukraine Protesting the suppression of the Romanian language by the Zelensky regime, via Facebook

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    The refusal of Western authorities to criticize Ukraine has allowed the Zelensky regime to pursue a policy of “cultural genocide” against minority populations living within the current borders of the country. Apart from the large Russian minority in the country, the regime is also taking aim at other ethnic groups, particularly Romanians and Hungarians.

    Ukraine has a large Romanian population because the Soviet Union’s brutal annexation of territories seized from Romania when Stalin and Hitler partitioned the country via the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Despite the illegal seizure of the historic Romanian territories known as Bessarabia and northern Bucovina, these lands were never returned to Romania and now sit within the borders of Ukraine.

    The Soviets used forced deportation and genocide to reduce the Romanian population in the region, but a significant Romanian population still inhabits the region. The Zelensky regime has implemented policies that continue the Soviet era aim of the destruction of ethnic minorities. Kiev has engaged in this policy of ethnic cleansing, seeking to destroy the heritage of the people living in the territories it currently occupies by pursuing a policy of forced Ukrainianization.

    The Ukrainian Rada passed a new education law in 2017 that obliterates the rights of ethnic minorities living in the country. As a result of that law, starting this school year, part of the subjects that Romanian students in the Cernăuți region will be taught in Ukrainian instead of Romanian. Students in the 5th and 6th grades will learn 20% of the subjects in the Ukrainian language. Then, starting next year, the number of subjects taught in the Ukrainian language will increase annually by 5%, the ultimate goal being to gradually eliminate education in the language of ethnic minorities.

    According to Minu Pavalachi, head of the Education Directorate of the Herța commune, by 2027, 60% of subjects will be taught in the Ukrainian language, while in Russian-language schools this percentage will be 80%. The reform of the education system in Ukraine has raised a wave of criticism, Romanians in Ukraine have repeatedly protested against the new education law, which, according to the Romanian community, represents a process of liquidation of Romanian schools and Ukrainianization of ethnic minorities.

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    One of the most important leaders of the Romanian community in Ukraine, the former mayor of the Mahala commune, Elena Nandriş, has repeatedly asked the Romanian authorities to get more involved in defending the interests of the ethnic Romanian population in the Cernăuți region. She expressed her concern about the application of the new Education Law, which provides for the restriction of the rights of minorities in schools.

    “I think that the Government of Romania should get more involved in the defense of our Romanian language, because we are losing it and we are very sorry,” Nandriș expalined. “We love our language, we fight for our language, we value it more than you over there [in Romania]. We have always said: we want to speak, we want to sing and pray in our language. We have been speaking the language of our ancestors for centuries…. And now, in a few years, they destroy everything. It hurts us a lot. Many in Romania do not understand this. It hurts when you lose your language. We here have no power to do anything.”

    In December 2022, Zelensky promulgated a new law on national minorities restricting not only the use of the language of ethnic minorities, not only in the schools, but also in the Church. Numerous Romanian churches have been closed by Zelensky. The governments of Romania and Hungary criticized the new law. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that it was “regrettable” the way the law was adopted and asked Ukraine to consult with the Venice Commission and the representatives of the Romanian minority in this country. Since then, there have been several calls from the Romanian community in Ukraine, which considers itself as being “forcibly assimilated” by the authorities in Kiev.

    Most Romanians are disappointed that the government in Bucharest, which is firmly under the control of the Brussels and the U.S. Embassy, has done little to aid the Romanian population in Ukraine for fear that any criticism of the Zelensky regime aids Russia. The Balkan exclusively published an open letter from the NGO representing Romanians living in Ukraine addressed to the Ukrainian Embassy in Bucharest decrying the harsh discrimination measures.

    Hungary has been much more aggressive in its efforts to defend the interests of the Hungarian population living in Ukraine, criticizing Kiev for its brutal oppression of national minorities which includes many cases of forced conscription, targeting ethnic minorities to be sent to the front lines. Kiev is using the war as a means to further reduce the population of ethnic minorities living in the country, in line with its abhorrent goal of ethnic purification.



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