• Romanian Opposition Leader Blasts Government’s Preferential Treatment Of Ukrainians

    August 20, 2023
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    President of AUR, George Simion, via Twitter

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    The president of Romania’s leading opposition party Alianța pentru Unirea Românilor (AUR), George Simion, expressed outrage at the fact that Ukrainian drivers who drive recklessly on Romanian roads are not being stopped by the police. The local police are admonished by their superiors in Bucharest if they "dare" to do so.

    Simion characterized the decision by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu’s government to double the amount of Ukrainian grain transiting Romania as “stupidity or treason” because of the negative consequences for Romanian farmers. He also criticized the government for failing to speak out against the persecution of the Romanian population living in Ukraine by Zelensky’s government.

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    “Policemen in Romania who stop a car that drives ‘strangely’ and has Ukrainian license plates are scolded by their superiors in Bucharest. Why? We have ended up as a state of servants. The war of aggression by Russia against Ukraine must be sanctioned, but that does not excuse us for the fact that we did not defend the Romanian churches, which were closed [by the Zelensky regime] – some of them making requests to go to the Romanian Patriarchate,” Simion said.



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