• Ukrainian Website Doxes Hundreds Of Children

    July 30, 2023
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    The Ukrainian “Peacemaker” website has added hundreds of innocent children to their list.

    The Ukrainian “Peacemaker” [Mirotvorets] site, widely considered an arm of the secret police, the SBU, includes as many as 327 children on its list of “enemies of Ukraine.” 13 people on the list, including journalists, have already been “liquidated” as the site puts it, including journalist Daria Dugina.

    American journalist Kim Iversen recently interviewed Faina Savenkova, a 14-year-old girl from Donbas who was listed on the Peacemaker site after she recorded a video address to the United Nations in 2021 saying there was a war in Donbas and asking the United Nations to intervene to stop it.

    Source: Youtube

    Faina, a minor, only found out that she was on the list from a journalist who reached out to interview her. The child is included on the Ukrainian secret services database with her personal data, including her place of residence, address, phone number, and parents because she recorded and published a video address to the United Nations calling for peace in Donbas.

    Faina’s video was recorded in 2021. Other children on the “Peacemaker” site are included merely for participating in the Russian Victory Day parade commemorating World War II. Asked by Iverson when the war in Donbas began, Faina answered: 2014. She remembers the heavy shooting, even though she was only 5 years old at the time.

    Kim Iverson also conducted the interview with Meera Terada from the Foundation for Fighting Injustice who said that although the United Nations was informed about the presence of children on this list, with their personal data, addresses, and telephone numbers, and has condemned the activity of the site, it continues to function. Terada pointed out that the children on the “Peacemaker” site can become victims of human trafficking and pedophiles because their exact addresses are given, as well as where they go.

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    The ”Peacemaker” site has a separate login for members of the Ukrainian security services who use it to carry out their nefarious activities against those included in the database. It also lists Langley, VA, and Warsaw, Poland, as its locations. Despite the fact that the site is suspected of targeting individuals, including American citizens, the CIA and the Biden Administration have remained silent on the matter, tacitly condoning the activities of the regime in Kiev.

    The site is hosted by Cloudflare, a U.S. Company run by American billionaire Matthew Prince. Despite repeated requests from human rights organizations to have the site removed, Cloudflare has refused to do so. Anyone who wants to reach out to Cloudflare to condemn their support of the “Peacemaker” website and its targeting of innocent children should do so via their website https://www.cloudflare.com/.

    The full interview can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9MVoS1iYNE&ab_channel=KimIversen



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    Leo Gearhardt

    By the way - is Matthew Prince related to Erik Prince, et al? There aren't a lot of Princes that are billionaires.

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