• Zelensky-Aligned "Peacemaker" Site Orders Assassination Of Bulgarian Investigative Journalist

    July 14, 2023
    Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, via Facebook

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    Having worked to uphold “democracy” in Ukraine by closing churches, jailing political opponents, oppressing ethnic minorities, and cancelling elections, a Ukrainian NGO widely known to be affiliated with the SBU and Volodomir Zelensky has taken the next step in the fight for “freedom” by ordering the assassination of Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, one of Bulgaria’s leading investigative journalists.

    The Zelensky-Aligned Peacemaker Site, widely considered as an arm of secret police, the SBU, added Gaytandzhieva to their list of targets for liquidation that they publish on their Orwellian-named “Peacemaker” website on April 15. The announcement published the name of the journalist with her photos, year and place of birth, as well as her social media profiles and media publications, as well as a link to her personal blog.

    Gaytandzhieva's listing on the "Peacemaker" site

    Gaytandzhieva made a name for herself by exposing Pentagon bio-weapons labs in Ukraine and other countries around the world. She is known as an honest, hard-hitting investigative journalist. Her groundbreaking work also uncovered diplomatically protected international arms traffic from Western governments to terrorists. She can be followed on Twitter @dgaytandzhieva.

    Many of the people included on "Zelensky’s hit list" have already been killed or as the “Peacemaker” site proclaims, “liquidated. In August last year, another journalist on the list, Daria Dugina, was killed in a  car bomb attack outside Moscow.

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    The list includes hundreds of journalists, politicians, and public figures from around the world who the “Democratic” Zelensky regime disagrees with. Among them are Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Croatian President Zoran Milanović, Amnesty International Secretary General Agnes Callamard, and Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters among others.

    The "Peacemaker" website serves as a database for employees of Ukrainian security services, as well as other foreign services, collecting information on individuals that the Zelensky regime considers enemies. Curiously, the site’s address is listed as Langley, Virginia, home to the CIA headquarters, and Warsaw, Poland.



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    Alyssa C

    Zelensky will stop at nothing to eliminate anyone telling the truth about his oppressive regime


    Join me in praying for this brave woman's safety. The US participation in this war should stop immediately. After trump is elected, he's stop the money being wasted on Ukraine.

    Galfon Gadulka

    This is not a brave woman. This is fake "journalist". She was kicked out of many medias in Bulgaria, because she is making up NEWS. She used her camera man as "random pedestrian" who she was taking interview from. This is how russian propaganda works. And this guy here L.T.W. propagates FAKE information and news.

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