• President Of The International Strategic Studies Association: “Kosovo Was Created By The USA In Complete Rejection Of Historical Norms, Including Current International Law”

    October 7, 2023
    Flag of Kosovo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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    In an interview with the Serbian news publication, Politika, the President of the International Strategic Studies Association, Gregory Copley, called on the world to pay more attention to what is happening in Kosovo and Metohija. He said, “only the Serbs are aware of the real facts related to the creation of Kosovo as a recognized entity.”

    “The world forgets the fact that Kosovo was created by the USA in complete rejection of historical norms, including current international law. What is indisputable is that Serbia’s voice on the Kosovo issue is not heard loudly enough in the world,” Copley told Politika.

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    Copley said that it is vital for Serbia to all professional informational tools and diplomatic means to present the transgressions and illegal activities committed by the government of the autonomous province of Kosovo against the Serb population to the international community.

    Copley added that if the war in Ukraine continues for another year or two, American support for that conflict will diminish and that this point also applies to U.S. policy toward the Balkans.

    Serbs should not allow pressure from Washington to make them act against their national interest. “The world is polarized and at the same time it is turning into a multipolar world,” Copley observed.



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    yes and Kosovo is what gave Russia licence to annex Crimea and everyone at the time said this would be the outcome


    One of the main goals of that US interference in Ukraine 2014 was to get the new Ukraine government to tear up that agreement with Russia's armed forces in Crimea and evict them. One doesn't have to be pro Putin or Russia to see what the west was up too and no sane leader would allow that to happen.

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