• Orban Says EU Is A Parody Of The Soviet Union

    October 25, 2023
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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Addressing Crowds on Hungary's National Day, via X

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    In a speech commemorating the 67th anniversary of the Hungarian revolt against Soviet domination in 1956 in which Hungarian bravely fought their oppressor, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the struggle against oppression will continue. “The European Union is a ‘bad parody’ of the former Soviet Union and, despite attempts by Brussels to control Hungary, the government will continue to run the country as it sees fit.”

    Orbán contrasted Hungary’s EU membership with the Soviet occupation, but the Prime Minister claimed that Brussels’ oppression pales in comparison to the bloody communist regime.

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    “Today, things pop up that remind us of the Soviet times. Yes, it happens that history repeats itself. Fortunately, what once was a tragedy is now a comedy at best. Fortunately, Brussels is not Moscow. Moscow was a tragedy. Brussels is just a bad contemporary parody.”

    “We had to dance to the tune that Moscow whistled,” Orbán commented about the period of Soviet domination. “Brussels whistles too, but we dance as we want to, and if we don’t want to, then we don’t dance.”



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    Walkin O'Shea

    People of the world should be listening to the likes of Viktor Orban. He's got it right. When I say "people", I don't mean the New World Order leadership and the wealthy elite, I don't mean the wealthy feminist elite, I don't mean the student hypocrites, I mean YOU, the average everyday people who make up the mass majority of this world. There are very few leaders in our world today who stand for the ordinary. We all need to get behind leaders who show strength of character.

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