• Romanian Border Police Foil Attempted Smuggling Of Precious Relics

    October 28, 2023
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    Over 60 coins dating from the medieval period were discovered by the Romanian border police in the trunk of a Bulgarian treasure-hunting trio. The relics had been found in several archeological sites in Romania.

    The Romanian Border Police issued a press release to announce the bizarre discovery made at the Negru Voda border. A car registered in Bulgaria arrived at the control point on Sunday and was checked by a group of officers who discovered 62 medieval coins, and four other metal objects. The Police stated they also found three metal detectors used to discover archeological treasures.

    The prosecutors opened a criminal case against the three Bulgarians for the use of metal detectors in archeological sites and the illegal export of heritage treasures.

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    “An expert in numismatics from the Museum of National History and Archaeology in Constanța conducted a preliminary examination of the objects discovered by the border police, stating that the four items (an arrowhead and three atypical elements that may represent parts of a set) and 62 bronze and silver coins have Roman origins (4th century AD), bearing inscriptions in Latin, and likely medieval (probably Ottoman) origins. These items could potentially originate from multiple archaeological sites,” stated the press release.

    The objects and coins were given to the archaeologists from the Museum of National History and Archaeology in Constanța, who will undertake preventive conservation measures. They will also conduct detailed expertise of the objects and determine their value, as well as their significance for the heritage of Romania.



    Diana Livesay

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