• Zelensky Rebuked By Romanian Parliament During State Visit

    October 12, 2023
    Volodomir Zelensky, via X (formerly Twitter)

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    Volodomir Zelensky was scheduled to address the Romanian parliament during his state visit to Bucharest this week, but the Ukrainian ruler was humiliated when the visit had to be canceled due to fierce opposition to his regime and outrage over its persecution of the Romanian minority living in Ukraine.

    Although the country’s globalist leaders received Zelensky cordially, his visit was criticized even by members of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD). PSD Deputy Daniel Ghiță said he failed to understand why everyone is “rolling out the red carpet” for Zelensky “who forcibly sends Romanians from Herta and Bucovina to war, while Ukrainians attend parties in Romania, flaunt their wealth, and driving luxury cars through Pipera.”

    Senator Diana Șoșoacă showing a map of the Romanian lands under Ukrainian occupation, via (X formerly Twitter)

    Ghiță asked, “Mr. Zelensky, why do you make fun of the Romanians in Ukraine and Romania? Why don’t you respect us as a nation? Do you think we are inferior? Does anyone ask these Ukrainians where they got money for private schools, to buy villas worth hundreds of thousands of euros? Romanians in Ukraine are humiliated and oppressed, while the political class is rolling out the red carpet for you, you don't deserve my respect, Mr. Zelensky, because you offended the Romanian people! Our old people are starving at home, and we welcomed you with respect at the borders. You received money from us that we took from the mouth of our people. You did not respect Romanians and Romanian priests in Ukraine!”

    Zelensky is a Nazi, he has no business in Romania….

    Senator Diana Sosoacă, President of the SOS Romania Party also had tough words for Zelensky. “This is the message for Zelensky. We want our territories back. [referring to the Romanian lands of Bucovina and Bessarabia currently occupied by Ukraine] He made fun of everything that Romanians in Ukraine stand for, banned their language, banned their religion, closed their churches, arrested priests, killed Romanian children, sent them to war. The first to be sent to battle were ethnic Romanians. There is a cleansing of the Romanian ethnicity that Ukraine does not acknowledge.”

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    The President of SOS Romania declared. “Zelensky is a Nazi. There is no Moldovan language, there is only Romanian. (…) This is Romania, it is Holy land, and Zelensky has no business here, to defile the Romanian Parliament, to violate the sovereignty of the Romanian people. He is a Nazi. Zelensky is a Nazi, he has no business in Romania…. I am not interested in Vladimir Putin, but I am interested in Romania and the Romanian people and the fact that we are led by some traitors. Ukraine interests me within the limits of the Romanian territories. We want our territories back from Ukraine! I don’t care about their war, it belongs to them, it’s their business. My problem is the Romanians in Ukraine and our territories in Ukraine and the violated rights of the Romanians in Ukraine.”



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    He is generally on the Orthodox deep doo doo list.

    Anca Popa

    This makes me proud of my country of origin

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