• Kurti Accuses Serbia Of Employing Chinese Weapons

    November 23, 2023
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    Kosovo prime minister Albin Kurti, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Albin Kurti, prime minister of Serbia’s autonomous Kosovo province, accused the Serbian government of being the first European nation to employ Chinese weapons, which he says will be used against Kosovo.

    In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Kurti wrote: “The missile system FK-3 (export version of HQ-22) is one of the Chinese weapons used by the Serbian Army, including CH-92 drones. This makes Serbia the first and only operator of Chinese weapons in Europe while openly showing violent aggression towards Kosova.”

    Tensions in the region are high as Kurti has been creating a paramilitary force in violation of UN Resolution 1244 which states that the NATO-led KFOR troops would be the only regular army permitted in Kosovo and Metohija. In response, Serbia has been working to improve its defensive capabilities.



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