• Dodik: “The Only Solution For The Serbian People Here Is An Independent Republika Srpska”

    December 25, 2023
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    President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, via his official website

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    In an extensive Christmas Eve interview with Serbian television, the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, declared that the time has come for Republika Srpska to become independent from Bosnia. “Muslims think that they are the owners of the entire BiH. We will have to somehow wake them up from that dream, so that they see that it is not,” Dodik said. “We do not believe in BiH. We do not like BiH.”

    Here are excerpts from the transcript of the interview posted on Dodik’s official website:

    Has the time come for an independent Serbia?

    “I think it already came.”

    Are you optimistic or pessimistic about this now?

    “If I wasn't optimistic, I wouldn't be doing this. You have politicians who in the Republic of Srpska value politics based on personal convenience, so they started saying, Milorad Dodik this and that, a criminal, there is nothing they don't attribute to me, to my family. They did five financial investigations against me and my family and found nothing. Of course, they won't publish them.

    In any case, they found nothing. If they were anything, I wouldn't be sitting here right now. It is true that the geopolitical circumstances have changed significantly. Republika Srpska has never had a larger number of friends, and here I am talking about those who are ready to say that they are friends of Republika Srpska like Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary. Then they say: "Ah, it's only Orban". It's not just Orban, there's also the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. What more do you want, this small republic of a million people has Russia, it has Hungary, it has an understanding of Slovakia, it has Serbia, we also have an understanding, I believe, with China. We have a significant understanding of the political structures in Europe itself. When did we have more?

    Then those from the opposition will say – Dodik is isolated, and they are not?! I am proud of the achievements of our friend Orbán. I am proud of the fact that I have good political and other contacts with the current prime minister of Slovakia, Robert FicoBismark, and I believe that he has a good understanding of our position. I expect to meet him soon. They say something about us resembling Belarus. Go to Belarus, it's an orderly country, clean, tidy, people have stable salaries. I was there. What nonsense about Belarus as a dark tunnel, it is a serious country.

    They want to “bring in” some Dutch people, various “fags” and others who would impose some of their values here and tell us that there is no mother – woman and father – man, but that there is one parent and another parent and for a child to decide at the age of 15 whether he is male or female, regardless of what is natural. I cringe at that. I'm against that. We don't need their support.

    We need the support of traditional countries. It is known who the traditional countries are, China, Russia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, and many other countries. I think that we managed to build a good relationship with Erdogan, the president of Turkey, and that we have an understanding in this regard. We have a good understanding with the leadership of Croatia, as well as with President Milanović. And with Plenković, we never had any serious misunderstanding. We built the Republic of Srpska so that it would not be contested by anyone. When did you hear that Croats saying something bad about Republika Srpska at the EU level?”

    And would it be objectionable to them if Srpska were independent?

    “Well, it will be a dispute for them, but they will not decide that. Of course, it will be controversial. They will get used to it in time.”

    To whom would it not be controversial?

    “Muslims think that they are the owners of the entire BiH. We will have to somehow wake them up from that dream, so that they see that it is not. We do not believe in BiH. We do not like BiH. This is our duty. I would prefer that, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, Republika Srpska leave Bosnia and Herzegovina. We don't want war, we don't want conflicts, no human life should be lost for political ideals, but you can't live rationally, realistically, and vitally in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    If it weren't for foreigners, we would have done it a long time ago. They have an arsenal of various threats to use against us. I don't want to expose anyone to that.

    I do not want to expose the people to any kind of destabilization, and that is why I persistently say that the only solution for the Serbian people here is an independent Republika Srpska.

    And then you hear those who say: ‘And that's what Dodik said five years ago.’ Of course I will speak, maybe I will speak for a few more years, but it will happen, unlike you who never said it. The first time I said that Republika Srpska would pass the Law on Referendums, it was in 2005 or 2006, I was called directly by the State Department to tell me that they were cutting off any kind of conversation with me. I told them ok, you chose that, not me. And we did pass the Law on Referendums. Who today disputes our right to the Law on Referendums, slowly, step by step.

    We do not manage to do everything we want, but we manage to do what is necessary at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will adopt some measures that last a year or two, we will not enter into any systemic solution until there is an agreement. Give us a constitutional BiH and we will stay, but we will certainly not stay in this BiH. We are waiting for a moment to leave it.

    Regarding the path to the EU BiH, why do you think that it is now in the interest of the EU to expand to the east, given the status of negotiations for Ukraine and Moldova, and not for BiH, even though BiH received candidate status last year?

    “Of course, the Western theory about how to rule the East is well known. Bismarck still talked about how Ukraine should be ruled in order to rule Russia, and later Brezhinsky, who was the ideologue of the State Department, talked about how Russia should be divided into five countries, keep firm control over Ukraine, and only then you can control resources that the east, that is, Russia has. And that is well-known.

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    Europe is clearly late. Everything she could do wrong in this conflict between Ukraine and Russia, she did. To a significant extent, it defiled its economic opportunities. Cheaper sources of energy no longer exist in Europe, they are completely energy dependent on America. They brag about how they filled their reserves, but they don't want to say that they are paying twice as much for those reserves and that this is destroying the competitiveness of Europe itself on the global level.

    Today, Europe does not have any important leader who can say that he is strong, like Putin…. So, there is no former German chancellor Angela Merkel, there are just some politicians trying to be. The EU doesn't even have a Constitution, it's a fluid community that is being pushed, so where does it end up? The EU has no gas, oil, or ores, no workforce, it accepts migrants who collapse the social structure of society and make those native Germans, Austrians, who are afraid of what things will look like in 10, 20 years, very dissatisfied.

    Everything they could - they missed. Since Merkel's call for migrants to come, when people warned her not to do that, they started imposing sanctions. Now when they say Republika Srpska, we don't want migrants, etc. See how we struggle with it. This does not happen by itself, it is a completely organized activity to prevent the stationing of migrants in the Republika Srpska. They didn't even come because of Republika Srpska, they went to Germany, so let Germany receive them. Why should we bother with that?

    Therefore, the Europe we knew 10 years ago does not exist at all. She is completely lost and changed. That Europe is full of values that mean nothing, they called it human rights. We do not share those values with the LGBT, we do not share those values. Why are you pushing them here? We are a traditional society. What kind of trip to Europe, which Europe? What will it be called when people flee the EU? I think it will happen soon.



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