• Leading Romanian Journalist Calls Schengen Deal The Country’s Greatest Humiliation Since World War II

    January 5, 2024
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    Romanian journalist Ion Cristoiu, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Ion Cristoiu, one of Romania’s leading independent journalists and renowned political commentator called the Schengen deal the country’s globalist government concluded with Austria the country’s greatest humiliation since World War II. The deal allows Romania and Bulgaria to enter Schengen only for air travel in exchange for taking in thousands of Muslim refugees Austria and Germany do not want. “There is no greater humiliation since the Vienna Dictatorship. It turns us into second-class EU citizens,” Cristoiu declared.

    Cristoiu likened this agreement to the forced negotiations with Hungary over Transylvania in 1940, which resulted in the Diktat of Vienna through which Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy forcibly stripped Romania of a large portion of Transylvania.

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    The Romanian journalist said that the Schengen accord, “Transforms us through the arrogance of Klaus Iohannis in the first place, as he negotiated, of Marcel Ciolacu, of Nicolae Ciucă, and of this toxic PSD-PNL alliance, into second-class citizens of the European Union.”

    “There is no greater humiliation [for Romania] since the Diktat of Vienna,” Cristoiu commented on his video blog.



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