• Biden Regime Continues Efforts To Incite War In Bosnia

    January 18, 2024
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    American military initimidation in Bosnia, via X (formerly Twitter)

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    The Biden Administration is continuing its efforts to incite a new Balkan war in Bosnia as it forcible tries to create a centralized multi-ethnic state in violation of the Dayton agreement and to the detriment of the Serbian population living in Republika Srpska.

    In addition to ramping up military exercises in the country designed to intimidate those opposed to the Biden Administration’s globalist agenda for the country, U.S. Ambassador Michael Murphy has issued direct threats of violence against Republika Srpska, one of the two autonomous entities that comprise Bosnia under the Dayton Agreement.

    According to a statement by the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo, “This bilateral training is an example of advanced military-to-military cooperation that contributes to peace and security in the Western Balkans as well as demonstrates the United States’ commitment to ensuring the territorial integrity of BiH in the face of anti-Dayton and secessionist activity.  The United States has underscored that the BiH Constitution provides no right of secession, and it will act if anyone tries to change this basic element of Dayton.”

    In reality, the Biden Administration is increasingly working to undo the Dayton Agreement in its efforts to create a centralized globalist state in Bosnia. Its aggressive moves are making a declaration of independence for Republika Srpska as the only alternative for Bosnian Serbs seeking to preserve their autonomy.

    Instead of accepting the right of people to self-determination as guaranteed by the U.N. Charter, the Biden Administration made independence the only peaceful alternative left to Serbs whose rights are being brutally oppressed by the Muslim regime in Sarajevo. They are then using this as justification to launch a new war against the Serbs in Bosnia. At the same time, they support the independence of the Serbian province of Kosovo using the principle of self-determination. The hypocrisy is glaring.

    Joe Biden has always been known for his irresponsible approach to foreign policy and his mental capacity and judgment were in question long before he became president. He has always been a puppet of the globalist establishment. Even as a Senator, Joe Biden aggressively called for the bombing of Serbs because they stood in the way of the globalist agenda.

    “I’m the first guy to call for airstrikes in Bosnia and wrote that lift-and-strike policy,” Biden boasted referring to the lifting of the arms embargo against Bosnian forces and conducting U.S. airstrikes against Serbian positions. As early as 1993, Biden called for the bombing of Belgrade.

    To impose the globalist agenda in Bosnia, the Biden Administration imposed a colonial governor in the form of German Merkel-acolyte Christian Schmidt, to rule the country by dictate. Schmidt was illegally placed in that position, which was established by the Dayton Agreement because his appointment was never confirmed by the U.N. Security Council.

    According to Annex X, article I, paragraph 2 of the Dayton Agreement, “the designation of a High Representative, to be appointed consistent with relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions, to facilitate the Parties' own efforts and to mobilize and, as appropriate, coordinate the activities of the organizations and agencies involved in the civilian aspects, of the peace settlement by carrying out, as entrusted by a. U.N. Security Council resolution, the tasks set out below.”

    The Biden Administration has imposed sanctions on the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, and other Serb leaders. They have also pursued an aggressive campaign of lawfare against the President of Republika Srpska, mimicking the tactics the Biden Administration is using against former President Donald Trump in the United States.

    Faced with these threats, Milorad Dodik has repeatedly stated that Republika Srpska wants peace, but is a state in all respects and can exist and function independently, while the Bosnia and Herzegovina that the Americans want to impose cannot exist because it violates both the Constitution and the Dayton Agreement.

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    Dodik said that the Republika Srpska is fully committed to preserving Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina as originally conceived and has consistently pursued this policy since its inception.

    “The threats and violence of the Americans have never been stronger, and they are manifesting their power with the political process they launched against me through the anti-constitutional Court and Prosecutor's Office. I have been personally exposed to their violence for years. To be more precise, seven years ago, they started to deal with me for the first time because I did not allow someone to destroy what was written in Dayton and shape it in a way that suits only Muslims, creating a unitary Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would never be accepted by two of the three constitutive parties,” Dodik posted on social media.

    Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska, via his official website

    Dodik warned that “In the end, after they create total chaos, they will withdraw from here, as they have done so many times in various parts of the world, where we have seen how it ended, and they will leave the Bosniaks, who will again have to negotiate with the Serbs and Croats. It would be good for their representatives to understand this if they want Bosnia and Herzegovina to exist.”

    Unfortunately, it increasingly seems that the only solution to avoiding a new Balkan war is change in Washington and Brussels. Elections in Europe and the United States in 2024 will be critical in deciding the fate of the region.



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