• Despite Overwhelming Evidence To The Contrary, US Ambassador To Serbia Denies West Is Trying To Orchestrate A Color Revolution

    December 30, 2023
    U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Despite overwhelming evidence that the election protests in Serbia were planned well in advance, US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill adamantly denied assertions that the West is encouraging a “color revolution” in Serbia. Hill called such claims “ridiculous,” saying that no one is encouraging a revolution.

    Hill told Serbian media that the United States believes the recent elections revealed shortcomings in electoral processes in Serbia that must be addressed. He added that the international community, including the OSCE, is ready to help. But Serbia’s democratic progress ultimately depends on its own citizens.

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    Annoyed that Russian intelligence had provided information about the planned coup attempt by the Serbian opposition, the United States Ambassador went on to accuse Russia of being the only international actor standing in the way of progress.

    He called the Russian actions “a desperate attempt to stay relevant,” and to sow discord between Serbia and its Euro-Atlantic partners. ”All they are offering Serbia is instability and the opposite of progress,” Hill added.



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    Serbia would be wise to throw out the American ambassador asap.

    Stefan Bartelski

    How about "recent elections revealed shortcomings in electoral processes in the USA that must be addressed?"


    My thoughts exatly!

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