• Vučić Refuses To Display LGBT Flag During Gay Pride Parade In Belgrade

    September 9, 2023
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    Serbian President Alekandar Vučić, via his official website

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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić announced that he would not fly the LGBT flag at the offices of the President during Serbia’s 11th Gay Pride parade held in Belgrade on Saturday.

    Vučić told reporters on Friday that he had received a written request to to display the flag from the event organizers, but he declined to honor their request. “I will not display it. I was elected President of the Republic to protect the interests of the citizens and I do this because I think it is best. I don’t feel the need and don’t want to fly the LGBT flag. Meet tomorrow, gather and demonstrate,” he said.

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    The Gay Pride parade held on Saturday was part of “Pride” week, which runs until September 10. The parade organizers complained that state authorities do not want to accept any of their requests and that there are “no positive changes” that they can announce this year. One of their main grievances is the refusal of the government to legalize of civil partnerships, something that Vučić strongly opposes as they violate Serbian culture and traditional Christian Orthodox values.



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    Susan Powers

    Need more like this guy to stop the insanity….

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