• Italian General Fired After Writing #1 Best-Selling Book Deploring The Decline Of Western Civilization

    August 26, 2023
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    Italian General Roberto Vanacci, author of a controversial new book entitled The Upside Down World (Il Mondo al Contrario) has been dismissed from his position of head of an Italian paratrooper brigade and from the directorship of the Institute of Military Geography in Florence by the Giorgia Meloni government. The book is the #1 best-selling book on Amazon’s Italian site.

    One of Italy’s most respected and decorated generals, Vanucci expresses highly critical views on today’s Western propaganda in his book, covering issues ranging from climate, energy, security, migration, to war and minorities. “When the illegal occupants of the houses prevail over the legitimate owners; when more is spent on an illegal immigrant than on the minimum pension of the compatriot; when you are charged with a crime for defending yourself against a trespasser entering your home; when we are forced to adopt the strictest and most expensive anti-pollution measures, but those who produce all the climate-changing gases don’t care and thrive; when cities are turned into places for the wealthy and alternative, while workers, laborers, and families are forced out; when speaking of father or mother becomes discriminatory, uncomfortable and exclusive because it clashes with those who are not fathers or mothers; when the adoption of more and more disparate rights is loudly demanded without providing for an equally dense range of duties; when I can no longer speak of a black man using any adjective that refers to the very obvious color of his skin is considered an offense; when in bars you meet people leading pigs dressed in pink clothes on a leash... Many call this condition Civilization and Progress,” the General writes.

    In this work, the 55-year-old General Vannacci addresses sensitive and controversial topics, particularly criticizing what he calls the “dictatorship of minorities.” The book addresses various social groups, such as homosexuals, which he says are not normal, but also environmentalists, feminists, illegal immigrants, rainbow families, and many others. Vannacci says that "normality" is represented by heterosexuality and condemns the influence of the “international gay lobby.”

    “Dear gays, you are not normal, get over it! Heterosexuality is normality. If everything seems normal to you, however, then it is the fault of the conspiracies of the international gay lobby that managed to ban terms that until a few years ago were in our dictionaries,” the General wrote.

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    Vanacci’s book has drawn the ire of Italian censors. As a result, he was dismissed as head of the brigade he commanded and from the leadership of the Institute for Military Geography. These measures, taken by the Giorgia Meloni Government, contradict the electoral promises she made to protect free speech. The only member of the current Government to defend him was Vittorio Sgarbi, Undersecretary for Culture, who said that the General was “humiliated by the dictatorship of the minorities.”

    In response to his dismissal, General Vannaci declared that he retracts absolutely nothing of what he wrote and that he would do it again, if necessary. The 55 year-old general has led an exemplary career. His is widely respected as a scholar, holding three university degrees (in strategic sciences, international sciences and military sciences), and he speaks six languages.



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    Susan Nassoiy

    Wow, is this book going to be translated into English? I believe a lot of Americans would love to read it??? Sky Horse Publishing should look into it!!!

    Kurt Brackob

    Thank you. Vindicata Publishing is a joint venture between CDM and Histria Books and would be the best option.

    Leo Gearhardt

    I hope the General's book is translated to English.
    Thank you for writing on this.

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