• Vučić Says Serbia Opposes U.S. Sanctions On Republika Srpska

    August 9, 2023
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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić via Wikimedia Commons

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    In response to sanctions announced by the Biden Administration against leaders of Republika Srpska for defying their globalist political agenda for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that the official position of his country on the sanctions is that they always have negative effects and that Serbia will not apply them.

    “Serbia believes that the policy of sanctions produces wrong effects. We consider the sanctions against the Republika Srpska as inappropriate, and accordingly, the Republic of Serbia will treat them as if they do not exist, we will not apply them," Vučić declared to a crowd during a meeting with Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska.

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    Vučić also said that Serbia will continue to provide financial support to Republika Srpska. He criticized the West for blaming Republika Srpska for everything, just as they do Serbia in the case of Kosovo and Metohija.

    Dodik, in turn, declared that “The Republika Srpska and Serbia have the best possible cooperation that is not directed against anyone. We talked about the sanctions that have been taken. That same force is trying to violate the Dayton Agreement, to always paint Republika Srpska in a negative light…. We owe gratitude to the President of Serbia for mobilizing attention toward Republika Srpska, this is something we needed. Of course, money is also important, but sometimes the focus of attention in a psychological sense is far more important.”



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