• Romanian Opposition Leader George Simion Issues A Dire Warning: “EU Is On The Path To Totalitarianism”

    January 21, 2024
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    EU Autocrat Ursula van der Leyen, via Wikimedia Commons

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    In a post of his official website, GeorgeSimion.ro, the leader of Romania’s main opposition party the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) warned that “The current leadership of the EU is on the path to totalitarianism. These days, the European Union, through its institutions, shows why it needs a deep and radical reform.”

    In response to attempts by the European Union to punish Hungary for not backing the war in Ukraine and EU preparations to provoke war with Russia, the Romanian opposition leader declared, “While we have a lot in common with Hungary and Viktor Orbán, I can't help but notice that Budapest is being punished, in a totalitarian way, by the European Union for having a different opinion or for wanting its money, which is rightfully its own.”

    Pointing out the hypocrisy of the EU position, Simion went on to say, “The European Union states that one of its founding values is democracy. What kind of democracy are we talking about when it comes to threatening to cancel a member state's right to vote because it has a different opinion than the majority? Democracy means pluralism: it also means hearing what we don’t like or what we don’t want. Under the ‘enlightened’ leadership of Mrs. von der Leyen, democracy has become like freedom of movement in the pandemic: conditional on adherence to obedience to the head of the European Commission.”

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    “I repeat, this is not about Orbán or Hungary: it is about a principle,” Simion continued. “If it happens to Hungary today, it means that the message is that any country that exercises its sovereign rights enshrined in treaties will be treated the same. I can’t get over what happened in Poland, where Donald Tusk’s pro-EU leadership has policed the press, circumvented the law and been sanctioned by the Supreme Court, but Brussels is silent. Where are the horrified voices regarding the blatant and flagrant violation of the rule of law? Where are the embassies, where are the defenders of democracy, the principled NGOs? Quiet. The message Brussels sends is that any abuse is acceptable, as long as it is done by its own people.”

    Simion concluded by alluding to the terror unleashed by the radical globalist regime in Brussels: “Last but not least, I notice that the war against freedom of expression has been unleashed again. Under the pretext of fighting ‘hate speech,’ you can now also be punished if you express the biological truth that there are only men and women, or that a man cannot ‘transform’ into a woman. All this, under the complicit eyes of the Romanian MEPs, sent there to represent our interests. We need new representatives, we need men and women capable of fighting for Romania in Brussels, not the servants that PSD and PNL [Romania’s ruling globalist parties] sent there. If we don’t wake up the European parliament in June, it may be too late! [Referring to the European parliamentary election in the summer]. Romania must no longer fall under an imperial dictatorship. Under any circumstances!”

    George Simion's party, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians is currently leading in public opinion polls as Romanians seek an alternative to their current globalist rulers. Romania will hold elections in the fall of 2024.



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