• Globalists Want To Abolish Republika Srpska And Serbia Must Stand Up Against It

    February 5, 2024
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    Map of Republika Srpska, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Republika Srpska marked its day with a parade on the streets of its capital, Banja Luka, on January 9. In the parade, more than 3,000 people participated. There were, among others, representatives of the Republika Srpska Police, public services, demobilized members of the Republika Srpska Army, students... The flags of Republika Srpska and Serbia dominated among the gathered citizens.

    However, in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this celebration was received with extreme hostility. Bosnian Muslims, who are openly violating the Dayton Peace Agreement with their globalist patrons, tried to ban the celebration.

    That is not big news because the contestation of Republika Srpska in its state form, among other things, began immediately after the establishment of peace with the abolition of the Republika Srpska flag, coat of arms, anthem, army, domestic banks, border control, and a number of other competencies, which the globalists took away from Republika Srpska under threat and pressure, and all for their globalist “democratic” values.

    The usurpers of the constitutional powers of Republika Srpska, aware that they will not achieve anything as before, after some time went from subversion to an open offensive. The colonial (Anti)Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina – in which judges who are not citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina play an arbitral role – tried to cancel the celebration of January 9 as the Day of Republika Srpska. The explanations for this are completely incoherent.

    Analysts who are well aware of the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, however, know the real reasons for the abolition of the National Day of Republika Srpska. Namely, on January 9, 1992, before the start of any conflicts, Serbs from Bosnia formed their autonomous unit and expressed their democratic desire to be one country with Serbia. This is precisely why there is such strong pressure to abolish January 9 as the National Day of Republika Srpska.

    The real goal of Muslim-dominated globalist regime in Sarajevo is to reduce Republika Srpska to a mere administrative unit of a drastically strengthened centralized Bosnia and Herzegovina state. The Serbian people will not allow this and oppose these anti-constitutional actions with clear consistent action.

    Precisely because of all of the above, the Serbian answer this year was very clear. It should be noted that Serbia was also actively involved in the magnificent celebration of Republika Srpska Day in Banja Luka.

    However, bearing in mind that aggressive attempts to strengthen the colonial power in Bosnia and Herzegovina continue, that court proceedings are being conducted against the President of the Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik, and that a new conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina is being mentioned more and more often, everything points to the fact that gray days are coming.

    The open call for mobilization made last summer by Denis Bećirović, the Muslim member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, shows how dangerous things are.(1)

    If the globalists and part of their NATO supporters forcefully act against Republika Srpska, the state structures of Republika Srpska and the Serbian people will resolutely resist it. And here we come to the key role of Serbia, which must be more actively involved in the defense of Republika Srpska and its president Milorad Dodik. It is important to emphasize that Serbia is the guarantor of the Dayton Peace Agreement, and has an obligation to protect the Dayton Peace Agreement.

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    However, history teaches us that in the Balkans it is best to act preventively. That is why official Belgrade should understand that diplomatic action is needed, much more intense than anything it has done to date, aimed at the UN Security Council, but also at all great powers and other countries, who are ready to hear the arguments.

    As the mother country of the Serbian people – which is clearly stated in Article 1 of the Constitution of Serbia – Serbia is obliged to start a nationally responsible peace-keeping offensive now, and to support Republika Srpska, not only in principle, and stand up against the Globalist peacetime aggressors.

    It is commendable that Serbia strengthened its army and invested 3 billion dollars in new weapons since 2014.(2) Serbia is also the largest military power in the Western Balkans. This data proves that the voice of Serbia has additional diplomatic power when it is known that it is backed by military force.



    Batko Slavisha Milacic

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