• Tucker Carlson In Russia Possibly To Interview Vladimir Putin

    February 5, 2024
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    Source: Telegram

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    According to the Russian News Agency Mash, America’s leading conservative journalist Tucker Carlson is on a visit to Russia. There is speculation that he is in the Russian capital to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin. Of course, if the interview takes place it will send shockwaves around the world as it will break the media blockade of Russia since the war in Ukraine began.

    According to a post on the Mash Telegram channel, “The famous American journalist Tucker Carlson flew to Russia for the first time. He has been in Moscow for three days already.”

    According to Mash, “on the morning of February 1, the former Fox News headliner was spotted at Istanbul airport while boarding a Turkish Airlines flight to Moscow. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed by two hours, but at 16:10 Tucker arrived safely in the capital’s airport and has been enjoying the decorous metropolitan life for three days. Today he visited the ballet, taking in Spartacus at the Bolshoi Theater.”

    There is also speculation that Tucker may also seek an interview with Edward Snowden during his visit to Russia.

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    News of Carlson’s arrival in Moscow has caused establishment elites to go apoplectic. Globalist hack Bill Kristol called for Tucker to be banned from reentering the United States, posting on X “Perhaps we need a total and complete shutdown of Tucker Carlson re-entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on.” Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger, another globalist mouthpiece, called Carlson a “traitor.”

    Representative Marjorie Taylor Green took to X to lash back at Carlson’s critics posting “The Tucker Carlson meltdown is here. These people hate free speech and free press. Bill Kristol says stop Tucker from coming back to the U.S. yet literally anyone in the world can enter through our wide open out of control border.”

    Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy also defended Tucker in a post on X, writing, “The legacy media is in shambles because we’ve caught onto their lies and propaganda. Tucker Carlson has every right to interview Putin. We need more transparency instead of less. It used to be understood journalists would interview world leaders, even those with whom we were at war.”



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