• Dodik Responds To U.S. Embassy Attack On Himself And Republika Srpska

    February 16, 2024
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    President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, via his official website

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    The U.S. Embassy in Bosnia continued its interference in the internal affairs of Republika Srpska by posting a vicious attack on Milorad Dodik, the President of Republika Srpska on Twitter. Dodik, one of the leading opponents of the globalist agenda in southeastern Europe, is a frequent target of attacks by the U.S. Embassy and  Biden’s Ambassador Michael Murphy.

    The post on the U.S. Embassy’s official X account claimed, “Milorad Dodik claims that he is “ready for the EU,” but his embrace of Vladimir Putin and Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, his anti-Dayton rhetoric and actions, and his attacks on the state-level institutions necessary to navigate Bosnia and Herzegovina’s journey to Euro-Atlantic integration belie Mr. Dodik’s claim… The principal roadblock to a European future for BiH is Mr. Dodik and his destructive politics.  He now wants to escape accountability for his actions, but if BiH does not take another step forward in March, it is clear where the blame will lie:  with Mr. Dodik.”

    The attack against the President of Republika Srpska is because of his firm opposition to efforts by the U.S. and globalist allies to create a centralized Bosnian state under Muslim domination in direct violation of the Dayton Agreement.

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    President Dodik replied to the latest attack on his official X account, declaring “With every address, the US Embassy, ​​its exponents and supporters confirm how much they really care about preserving the colonial status of BiH…. [Ambassador Murphy is] intoxicated with hatred towards me and Srpska, is not my problem. Serbs are a European nation. They have always been and are part of Europe and we sincerely want to be members of the EU. Your challenge means nothing to us. We have never conditioned or blackmailed anyone, that is your manner. We only insisted on respecting the Constitution, the Dayton Agreement and fulfilling all the conditions that Europe set before us.”

    “We can be your partners when you decide to help in finding solutions, not in sabotaging them,” Dodik continued, referring to the incompetence of the Biden Administration. “You have your own worries these days, you mix Mexico up with Egypt and you seem to have the power to talk to the late president of France. On behalf of BiH, I kindly ask you to pay attention to what you are signing these days. Maybe you want to impose another round of senseless sanctions on Moscow, and you confuse it with Mostar.”



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    tom lahmsn

    Joe Biden is an imbecelic puppet of the kenyan Barack Obama, himself a Muslim. Barring another election theft president Donald Trump will regain his office!

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