• Romania’s Corrupt Government Has Become An Arm Of The Democrat Party In The U.S.

    February 20, 2024
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    Romanian Foreign Minister Luminița Odobescu with Hillary Clinton and others, via X

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    The Romanian Government is taking a firm position in support of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party in the upcoming U.S. presidential election to the detriment of its own national interests and the people it claims to represent. The ruling regime in Bucharest has consistently proven that it serves the agenda of the globalist elites instead of the Romanian people, so these latest developments, while alarming, come as no surprise.

    Even if the Democrat nominee turns out to be someone other than Biden, the Romanian elites are determined to support the Democrats and their globalist agenda at all costs. From providing unconditional support for the war in Ukraine, despite the Zelensky regime’s persecution of the Romanian minority living in former Romanian territories it illegally occupies, to supporting Green energy scams, open borders, and the LGBT agenda, the Romanian government under President Klaus Iohannis has taken the side of the U.S. Democrat Party on every major issue to the detriments of the needs and interests of the Romanian people.

    To illustrate the point, on Saturday, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luminița Odobescu, met “for a working breakfast” with none other than Hillary Clinton, one of the principal proponents of the globalist agenda. The fact that the Romanian foreign minister would have a “working meeting” with someone who does not hold any official position in the United States Administration is a clear sign that Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and his globalist government are firmly backing the Democrats in the upcoming elections. Of course, no meeting with any officials representing the America First movement were on her agenda.

    The Iohannis regime is carrying out the globalist agenda of its masters in the Democrat Party

    Ignoring the needs of the Romanian people who are faced with an increasingly dire economic situation, with a healthcare system in ruins, increasing income disparity, and more, the Iohannis regime is instead focused on carrying out the globalist agenda of its masters in the Democrat Party in Washington. The situation is so bad that recent polls show that former Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, if he were alive today, would win the upcoming presidential election in a landslide.

    But the Bucharest elites are not concerned about the Romanian people. Contrary to the traditional values of Romanians, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially been promoting the LGBT agenda internationally since last year. The Bucharest government also signed on to the open borders policy, agreeing to accept thousands of illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa at the end of last year in exchange for partial acceptance into the Schengen zone.

    To top things off, in a humiliating display of subservience to the Biden Regime and the Democrat Party, last week Ligia Deca, Romanian Minister of Education, met with the heads of the “Biden Institute,” a so-called “educational entity” within the University of Delaware to conclude some other shady deals that reek of the corruption for which the regime in Bucharest is famous.

    According to the press release from the Ministry of Education, Ligia Deca discussed areas in which Romania “has the greatest need for international expertise,” among them standardized assessment, integrated policies to reduce educational inequalities, media education, and the mental health of children and young people. Notably all areas designed to allow the woke agenda to be propagated in the Romanian educational system. Curiously the Iohannis Regime plans to import America’s failed education system to Romania.

    The release goes on to say, “Regarding future plans, the two delegations agreed to offer students from Romania the opportunity to participate in a conference hosted by the Biden Institute in March 2024, to initiate working meetings between researchers on common topics of interest , for example media education, and to organize mobilities for students, within the Erasmus+ program.”

    Another phony scheme of the Biden Crime Family

    Laughably, the Romanian Ministry of Education calls the “Biden Institute” a “world-class” center that brings together researchers, public policy experts, decision-makers, teachers, and practitioners with the aim of researching and proposing public policies in areas such as the economy, sustainable development, justice, civil rights, health, education. In other words, advocating for the globalist agenda of the Democrat Party.

    Of course, the Biden Institute, founded in 2018, is not even an established scholarly institution. It is just another phony scheme of the Biden Crime Family. This “world class” institute is run by Joe Biden’s younger sister, the “world-renowned scholar” Valerie Biden Owens. Valerie’s main role has been as an advisor to her brother’s campaign. Of course, as is well-known, the Romanian elites are deeply tied to the Biden Regime through the corrupt deals involving Hunter Biden that they have facilitated in recent years.

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    Given the rampant corruption in Romania, it is logical to assume that underneath the globalist woke agenda that these arrangements are designed to promote, there is also a financial element that will transfer funds into the pockets of corrupt politicians in both Washington and Bucharest. One must also look for the Iohannis regime to be complicit in election interference in support of the corrupt Democrat Party in the upcoming presidential election.

    One can only hope that when the next Republican administration takes power, they will ostracize the Romanian ruling class that has gone all in on Biden and the Democrats and shift U.S. policy toward working with patriotic “Romania First” political forces in the country that stand up for the interests of the Romanian people instead of the corrupt globalist elites.



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    This sickens millions of U.S. citizens what this administration is doing in other countries including Ukraine along with the elites and globalist. They should be arrested and charged with funding and starting wars that have killed many of Russian and Ukraine people, military and non combatants, just to cover up crimes of the many that are enjoy making millions off the blood of innocents. We know who they are , and we will try are best to throw them out come November.

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