• Globalist Coup To Thwart Democracy Underway In Romania

    February 8, 2024
    Romanian protestors led by AUR leader Claudiu Târziu, via Twitter

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    Over 10,000 Romanians took to the streets on Wednesday evening to protest the decision of the Globalist PSD-PNL coalition to combine the European parliamentary elections with the local elections. The move is in direct violation of the country’s constitution and is unprecedented with less than six months before June 9 parliamentary elections.

    According to a press release by the country’s leading opposition party, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians, “The final destination of the protests was the PSD headquarters in the cities of the county seat. In an extremely difficult moment for democracy in Romania, in which the PSD together with the PNL collaborated to launch an aggressive offensive against the fundamental principles of the rule of law and democracy, the AUR does not sit passively: it is the only political formation that really defends democracy in our country.

    “As a sign of protest, candles were lit at the PSD headquarters, sending messages for the defense of democracy and the rejection of collusion of elections. The demonstrators said in unison that the only way Romanians can make their voices heard by the coalition led by PSD and Marcel Ciolacu is only through street protests. The protesters expressed their outrage at the fact that it is proposed to merge the elections, a move by which Marcel Ciolacu, PSD and PNL are taking us with rapid steps towards dictatorship.

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    “The decision to merge the elections is a move by which those in power today want to steal our voice and rights, moving us towards a masked dictatorship with the blessing of Klaus Werner Iohannis. When leaders ignore dialogue and change the rules just to stay in power, it means we are living a farce, not a democracy.

    “Romanians must make themselves heard, and the only way left at their disposal is through street protests. In Parliament, PSD and Marcel Ciolacu put their fist in the mouth of the opposition. It is inadmissible that in a democracy Marcel Ciolacu, Nicolae Ciucă, and Klaus Werner Iohannis silence our voices, completely ignoring the will of the people. We call on all Romanians who do not want democracy to die in Romania, who do not want to see their country completely captured by this political cartel that is in government; to all the people of good faith who say a blatant "NO" to another PSD-PNL barter, another farce orchestrated by the people of the system who have led us for the last 34 years.

    “When the nation is in danger, we cannot stand idly by! They can call us "extremists" as much as they want, but we know that we have justice on our side. We gather our forces, light the flame of resistance, and pay our respects to the democracy that some want to bury!”



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    Concerned Parent

    Democracy can be very frustrating for many world leaders... when it looks like it will not be in their favor. It should be obvious that doing this, is intentional to sway the election in a more radical-left direction.

    Diana Barahona

    Without commenting on Romanian politics, there's a fascinating book series by Radu Cinamar, who is part of Romania's secret space program, Department Zero. I'm reading The Etheric Crystal, which describes an underground city (like a DUMB) in the U.S. that was controlled by the Luciferian Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has been running the country since its founding through Freemasonry, the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, banking, the ownership of industry and the mass media.

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