• Transnistria May Join The Russian Federation Next Week As Ukraine Threatens War

    February 24, 2024
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    Reports coming out of Tiraspol indicate that Transnistria, which broke away from the Republic of Moldova in the 1990s, is planning to vote to join the Russian Federation as early as next week. The move comes after the Moldovan Government has heightened tensions in the region in an attempt to infringe on the autonomy of the breakaway region. Meanwhile, Ukraine also threatens war if the people of Transnistria vote to join with Russia.

    According to Transnistrian opposition leader Ghenadie Ciorba, an Extraordinary Congress of Deputies from throughout Transnistria will convene on February 28 to request the accession of the separatist region to the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is then set to the Federal Assembly on February 29. Ciorba stated that Putin would ask the Russian Parliament to approve the request at that time.

    On Monday, the president of the Transnistrian republic, Vadim Krasnoselsky, officially announced that he planned to convoke the Extraordinary Congress of Deputies due to “pressure from Moldova.” Throughout the history of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), as Transnistria is formally known, only 6 such congresses have been convened. Krasnoselsky had previously called for increased military drills and heightened readiness on January 22 due to provocations from Moldova.

    Transnistria is under strong economic and political pressure from the authorities of Moldova. Chișinău hopes to reintegrate the Republic into Moldova by no later than 2030 according to Minister of Defense Anatol Nosaty. As the Moldovan Government has come fully under the control of pro-NATO globalist forces, it has increased pressure on Transnistria.

    Meanwhile, Ukraine is threatening military action if Transnistria votes to join the Russian Federation. The result would be the opening of a new front in the Ukraine-Russia War as Russian troops have been stationed in Transnistria since the early 1990s to protect the majority ethnic Russian population that inhabits the region.

    The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has taken the globalist position that Moldova’s accession into the European Union will create “new opportunities for both banks of the Dniester, development, and prosperity of the inhabitants of all Moldova” and that this would bring about the unification of the two territories.

    Of course, this ignores the history of the region. Transnistria, as its name suggests, is comprised mainly of territory of the left bank of the Dneister River bordering Ukraine. The territory was an artificial creation of the Stalinist Regime in 1924 which formed there the Moldovan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic as a prelude to seizing the Romanian territory between the Prut and Dneister Rivers.

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    The illegal seizure of the Romanian territory known as Bessarabia occurred during World War II as a result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. After the war, when Stalin formed the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova on the occupied Romanian lands, he incorporated his previous artificial creation of Transnistria into the new republic.

    As the area of Transnistria was never historically part of Romania, its inclusion led to ethnic conflict following the collapse of the Soviet Union, which resulted in a war in 1992, resulting in the creation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

    It is expected that, if a vote is held next week, over 90% of the population living in Transnistria will support unification with Russia. It remains to be seen how the Kremlin will react. In remarks last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the State Duma that “This region is home to 200,000 of our citizens. We are concerned about their fate and we will spare no effort to make sure they do not fall victims to yet another reckless scheme of the West.”



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