• Orbán Meets Trump At Mar-a-Lago

    March 10, 2024
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    President Donald Trump with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via X (formerly Twitter)

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    In a meeting characterized as a Global Anti-Globalist Alliance, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán paid a visit to President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Friday. The two discussed the perilous international situation, with particular focus on the war in Ukraine and the conflict in the Middle East. Both leaders have been vociferous proponents of a peaceful settlement to the conflicts. They also discussed economic ties between Hungary and Romania.

    Orbán posted on X, “President Trump has been a president of peace, he has commanded respect in the world, and he has created the conditions for peace. During his presidency, there was peace in the Middle East and peace in Ukraine. There would be no war today if he were still President of the United States.”

    “We agreed that there will be peace when there are world leaders who want peace,” Orbán stated. “I am proud that Hungary is one of these countries.”

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    The Hungarian Prime Minister said the two leaders also discussed the economic ties between their respective countries. “We also agreed that there is still a lot of potential in US-Hungarian economic relations, even though our trade turnover has exceeded $9 billion. We don't want to stop there, and when the President returns we will give a new boost to US-Hungarian trade relations,” Orbán added.

    “Here in America, the campaign is in full swing, and is moving ahead at a rapid pace. It's up to the Americans to make their own decision,” Orbán concluded, “and it's up to us Hungarians to honestly admit that it would be better for the world and better for Hungary if President Donald Trump were to return.”

    Commenting on the meeting, President Donald Trump posted on Truth Social: It was an honor having Viktor Orbán and his lovely daughter, Flóra, as my guests last night at Mar-a-Lago. Viktor is a Great Leader, respected all over the World. Hungary is a Safe Country because of his Strong Immigration Policies, and as long as he is in charge, it always will be!”



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