• Romanian Opposition Leader George Simion: Romania’s Globalist Leaders Are Just Puppets

    February 26, 2024
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    Romanian Opposition Leader George Simion and AUR Vice-President Sorin Muncaciu
    interviewed at the CDM stand at CPAC in Washington, D.C. on Saturday


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    In an exclusive interview with The Balkan during the CPAC conference in Washington D.C. on Saturday, Romanian opposition leader George Simion talked about his party’s fight against globalism and its struggle to restore democracy and traditional values in Romania. Simion is the head of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR), which recent polls indicate leads in voter preference ahead of European parliamentary elections later this year.

    Simion told The Balkan, “We are the only parliamentary conservative force in Romania. We are fighting the same fights you have here in the States.” Joined by party Vice-President Sorin Muncaciu, the Romanian opposition leader outlined the reasons for his party’s participation at CPAC. “We came here with the hope to have good relations with the Republican Party, with the conservatives in the Republican Party.”

    Simion and Muncaciu emphasized their party’s struggle against woke ideology, open borders, transgenderism, and Marxism in Romania. “We must go back to our natural values there is no such thing as different genders, we only have man and woman, father and mother, not parent one and parent two,” Simion explained. “We should concentrate more on our economy. The Green Deal and other measures the European Commission has taken have destroyed our economy. From what I see, President Biden has done the same here in the United States.”

    They want to cancel democracy

    When asked about recent manipulation of the election procedures by the ruling PSD-PNL globalist coalition, the Romanian opposition leader explained, “They are totally trying to destroy the Constitution… They are the Deep State. They are the ones who do whatever the globalists and the Soros Foundation ask them to. They are desperate and try to combine local and European elections…. We have a presidential election in December and they are trying to move it to September so we are not ready.” Then he defiantly declared that the globalist efforts to subvert democracy will fail. “We were born ready for this!” Simion defiantly declared.

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    “I know what we have to do to fight for our rights, for our freedom, for the freedom of speech for the freedom to protest, for the right to vote because this is why people died in the Romanian Revolution for the people to have the right to a democratic vote. In Romania, they want to cancel our right to vote. They want to cancel democracy,” Simion warned.

    We have the dictatorship of Germany within the European Union

    Party Vice-President Sorin Muncaciu added that AUR stands firmly against illegal immigration and open borders, telling The Balkan, “There is no nation without borders, there is no nation without a constitution and they want to abolish that.”

    George Simion also commented on the recent EU deal whereby Romania and Bulgaria received partial Schengen admittance in exchange for receiving large numbers of illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. “We are treated like second-class citizens,” Simion lamented. “We have the dictatorship of Germany within the European Union.”

    Ukrainian leaders are some sort of Russians. They have a Soviet mentality

    The Romanian opposition leader also commented on the abusive treatment of Romanians and other ethnic minorities in Ukraine by the Zelensky regime in Kiev. “All we ask is, not to change the borders, even if they are historically Romanian lands, but to respect minorities as we Romanians do with the Hungarians, the Ukrainians, the Serbians who are living peacefully in Romania.” Because of his outspoken support for the Romanian minority in Ukraine, the Zelensky regime has banned Simion from entering the neighboring country. “Ukrainian leaders are some sort of Russians. They have a Soviet mentality,” he added.

    I don’t want the Institute of Joe Biden who doesn’t know if he should go right or left, to teach my kids what to speak about in public

    George Simion also pointed out the importance of the upcoming elections in the United States for his country and for the rest of the world. In contrast to Romania’s globalist government which is firmly backing the Democrat Party, AUR is hoping for a Republican victory. “Your elections this year here in America are very, very important to the world because this wave of socialism, this wave of Soros Open Foundation if it is not contained here, it will come to us and do damage.”

    Referring to the corrupt deals Romania’s government has made with the Bidens, including the announcement of a “collaboration” with the Biden Institute, Simion went on to say, “Unfortunately, the leaders today in Romania are just puppets responding to the orders they receive from the Soros Foundation, from the European Commission, and from the Democrats in the United States. I don’t want the Institute of Joe Biden who doesn’t know if he should go right or left, to teach my kids what to speak about in public. I don’t want these crazy people to form the future.”

    George Simion is a young and dynamic leader who represents a new generation of Romanian politicians. Although the party is only four years old, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) is a break from the past in a country that, since the fall of Communism, has been dominated by left-wing, globalist forces and has lacked a conservative alternative to fight for traditional Romanian values.



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