• Bulgaria’s Main Opposition Leader Warns Von Der Leyen Is Leading Europe Towards War

    March 15, 2024
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    Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Bulgaria's Main Opposition Party via Vazrazhdane.bg

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    Responding to irresponsible and inciteful comments by Ursula von der Leyen, Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Vazrazhdane, Bulgaria’s leading opposition party warned that the head of the European Commission is overseeing the destruction of European civilization and leading Europe towards war.

    “Something unprecedented happened, the chairman of the European Commission took the liberty of calling a Bulgarian political party, along with two others – one German and one French, as “the main threat to the peace of a united Europe,” Kostadinov told reporters.

    “We cannot help but point out a few simple facts. First - Europe and the European Union are two different things. It is obvious that the European Commission has not yet understood that the European Union in its current form and shape represents a threat to Europe and European civilization, because the policy of the European Union, in practice, erases European identity, European peoples, and cultures,” the leader of Vazrazhdane warned.

    Kostadinov went on to point out that at the present, Europe is not peaceful and is shaken by protests, which are mainly directed against the policy of the President of the European Commission. “It is a manifestation of brutal political bigotry for the very cause of the biggest social upheavals in the European Union to claim that Europe is peaceful. It is not peaceful and is on the threshold of a very serious social explosion, precisely because of the policy of the President of the European Commission. It also is not peaceful because a war is being fought on its borders and, instead of the European Union doing its best to stop this war, it is doing its best to inflame it. This policy of escalating military conflicts threatens peace, not only in the European Union, but also in Europe, as well as in the world,” the Bulgarian leader stated.

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    Kostadinov went on to say that the president of the European Commission and the policies pursued by her are responsible for the three biggest crises in the European Union – the economic crisis, the demographic crisis, and the harmful policy of stimulating and igniting military conflicts. “Eurozone and EU countries are in recession, even Germany is in technical recession. This is due to the policies of the European Commission, which are becoming more and more totalitarian,” Kostadin Kostadinov told reporters. “Europe is also facing a demographic catastrophe for the entire European Union – there is only one country with a growing population, and that is because of the influx of migrants, and that is France. European nations are disappearing and all this is a consequence of the destructive policy of the same president of the European Commission who claims that it is peaceful and united.”



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