• Twenty Patients Dead: Bucharest Hospital Faces Allegations Of Medically Induced Deaths

    April 11, 2024
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    Twenty patients have died at the Sfântul Pantelimon Hospital in Bucharest in the Intensive Care Unit within 3 days. The primary cause is suspected to be the intentional tampering with medication dosages meant to sustain patients' lives. The Romanian Ministry of Health has confirmed the rumors.

    Bogdan Socea, the manager of the Emergency Hospital, provided details live on Euronews Romania. He stated:

    “The hospital was notified by the chief nurse today. In a written request, they stated that an ICU nurse informed them about potential criminal acts. Specifically, there were suspicions that certain unnamed doctors lowered the noradrenaline doses of some patients, leading to their deaths.

    Due to the seriousness of these allegations, we have informed the Prosecutor's Office, established an internal commission consisting of five hospital doctors (excluding those from the ICU), notified the Ministry of Health, which will send its inspectors tomorrow (April 12), and informed the College of Physicians. It's difficult to estimate when the investigation will conclude because it will be comprehensive, and it will require analyzing of all medical records. We will address this issue as soon as we can, and we’ll try to produce results as quickly as possible.

    From a legal point of view, the Prosecutor's Office and relevant authorities will do their job, and we will fully cooperate with them. We have not received official notification from the Prosecutor's Office; we initiated contact ourselves, but I understand that the chief nurse is already there to give a statement. This information was relayed verbally to me, with them informing me that they were summoned to the Prosecutor's Office at 2 PM and would be absent during working hours.

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    The nurse is identified as such, without a name, and the chief nurse will likely provide statements to the Prosecutor's Office and certainly to the internal hospital commission investigating this issue. Therefore, we do not yet know the nurse's name. From what the chief nurse stated, this individual is our employee, a nurse in the ICU. Without a name, we cannot confirm whether they were on duty at the time or not."

    The Prosecutor’s Office has started the investigation in this case after they received a complaint on the official email of the institution. Also, the Romanian Ministry of Health has officially stated they are starting their own investigation, and has confirmed the rumors even before the hospital’s manager made statements live on TV.



    Diana Livesay

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