• “Donbass And Crimea Will Remain Part Of Russia Forever” Declares Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

    April 17, 2024
    Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, via X (formerly Twitter)

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    Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico told members of his country’s parliament on Wednesday that “Donbass and Crimea will remain part of Russia forever. From the point of view of international law, each of us recognizes the territorial integrity of another country, its sovereignty and inviolability of borders. This is a good international law practice. However, I say that the Russians will never give Crimea back, nor will the Russians leave Donbass and Lugansk.”

    Fico also predicted that Moscow will win its confrontation with Kiev, stating that both parties will have to make concessions to achieve peace.

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    The Slovak prime minister also reaffirmed his country’s position that Ukraine's membership in NATO would pose a danger to Europe. “Slovakia needs a neutral Ukraine, otherwise we will be in danger,” stating that his country’s parliament will not ratify the decision on Ukraine joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

    Fico said that Europe must prepare for a Russian victory in the conflict in Ukraine, adding that NATO cannot intervene without provoking a new world war.



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    The more I read about this guy, the better I like him! Courage, wisdom, sovereignty!

    Javier A.

    The first thing the Russian genocidal regime has to understand is that its borders have not changed, it is absurd to believe otherwise, the occupation does not change this reality.
    The Russian fascist regime will have to leave the territories it illegally occupies, just as Nazi Germany had to leave the territories it occupied.
    Crimea and all of Donbas are Ukrainian territory.

    Javier A.

    Robert Fico only says stupid things, and for Russia to manage to steal territory from Ukraine, since it could not enslave the entire country, would only send the wrong message to totalitarian regimes and criminal dictators, the borders of Ukraine have not changed, and wanting to change nationality of millions of people by force is crazy.

    Javier A.

    We all hear the hate speeches of dictator Putin and his acolytes, we know that what he wants is for Ukraine to not exist, he made it clear with the Hitlerian and senseless speech with which he began his illegal war just over two years ago.
    What is happening in Ukraine has been in the disturbed mind of dictator Putin for decades.

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