• Bulgaria Will Hold New Elections

    March 30, 2024
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    Bulgarian opposition leader Kostadin Kostadinov, via Telegram

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    Despite frantic efforts by the U.S. Embassy in Sofia to hold together the fragile coalition of globalist parties ruling Bulgaria, the country will go to the polls once again after successive failed attempts by GERB, We Continue the Change, and There Is Such a People to form a new government. Power struggles among members of the globalist coalition spelled doom for the unholy alliance that was governing the country contrary to the interests of the Bulgarian people.

    After the collapse of the globalist coalition, it remains for President Rumen Radev to appoint a caretaker government and to call for early parliamentary elections.

    Radev began the process of meeting with potential caretaker prime ministers today. According to art. 99 of the Bulgarian Constitution, if no agreement has been reached on a government, the President, after consultations with parliamentary groups and on the proposal of a candidate for caretaker prime minister, appoints a caretaker government and schedules new elections within two months. As a result of amendments to the Constitution made by the globalist coalition during its short-lived government, the President may choose from among the President of the National Assembly, the Governor or Sub-Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank, the Chairman or Vice-President of the National Audit Office and the Ombudsman or his deputy for the role of caretaker Prime Minister.

    The leader of Vazrazhdane, Kostadin Kostadinov pointed out the corruption in the process of forming a caretaker cabinet, pointing out that the caretaker Prime Minister will be chosen by the President only from a list that was already been compiled by GERB and the MRF.

    As in neighboring Romania where the globalist coalition is trying to combine European Parliamentary elections with local elections, the Bulgarian globalist parties are hoping to combine the European Parliamentary elections with the Bulgarian Parliamentary elections. President Rumen Radev, however, has declared publicly that it is too late to consider such a request.

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    Commenting on the political crisis and the upcoming elections, Kostadin Kostadinov declared on his Telegram channel, “We have a program for managing the country that puts the interests of the Bulgarian people above all else. We are ready to rule Bulgaria.” Vazrazhdane is the only parliamentary party that consistently opposes the globalist agenda and puts Bulgaria first.

    The program the party will put forward in the upcoming electoral campaign will be based on the following points:

    – holding a referendum on the adoption of the Euro and the preservation of the Bulgarian Lev;

    – introducing a bill to withdraw for NATO and to hold a referendum on the issue;

    – to not accept illegal migrants into Bulgaria in exchange for Schengen;

    – the immediate cessation of arms shipments to Ukraine, the declaration of neutrality, and mediation to achieve peace in the region.



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