• Bulgarian Opposition Introduces Bill To Withdraw From NATO

    March 21, 2024
    Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Bulgaria's main opposition party Vazrazhdane via Facebook

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    Bulgaria’s leading opposition party Vazrazhdane (Renaissance) has intrduced a bill in parliament calling for Bulgaria’s exit from NATO. Party leader Kostadin Kostadinov announced the move on his Facebook page.

    According to Kostadinov, membership in NATO has repeatedly reduced the defense capability of Bulgaria. Among the reasons enumerated, the bill states that: “NATO is the repressive apparatus of the USA, where the member states are anything but equal partners.”

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    As an example of repressive military actions of the USA, the bill points to the military conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, and Armenia and Azerbaijan, all instigated by the USA, in which Bulgaria, as a member of the pact, has had to support.

    Kostadinov also stated that he sent a congratulatory address on behalf of Vazrazhdane to Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection, adding that “I hope to send a congratulatory address to the new American President Donald Trump after the American elections in the fall.”



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    David Smith

    It's all unravelling. Great.

    C. Stevens

    Great, I agree!

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