• Bulgarians Protest Crimes By Illegal Immigrants

    March 18, 2024
    Bulgarians Protest Crimes By Illegal Immigrants via X (formerly Twitter)

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    After the rape of one of their fellow citizens by migrants, Bulgarians have taken to the streets, chanting slogans calling for the expulsion of Muslims coming from abroad. Having endured Turkish oppression for over 500 years, they no longer want to accept these immigration policies, especially as the ruling party is mostly Turkish. A civil war in Bulgaria seems imminent.

    The country was on the brink of explosion during the Covid crisis when Von Der Goebbels tried to enforce vaccination for the youth by making them undergo three paid PCR tests per day from their own pockets. They rebelled, overturning police cars at universities. Anger is rising, and what we are witnessing is the final straw that will break the camel's back.

    Toshko Yordanov, the president of the parliamentary group "There Is Such a People" (ITN), has accused the cabinet and Prime Minister Nikolaï Denkov personally. The latter signed an agreement with Austria to welcome all Afghan and Syrian migrants that Austria no longer wanted on its territory, without any restrictions according to the Dublin Regulations.

    Yordanov cited the agreement document, emphasizing that Denkov had lied by denying it and accused everyone of manipulation. “We have obtained a document from the Austrian Parliament in which the Austrian Minister of the Interior Gerhard Karner states in an official document that Bulgaria has agreed to take back 6,619 migrants from Austria.”

    He pointed out that the first group of migrants from Afghanistan and Syria was brought in yesterday at 12:10 by a charter flight from Vienna to Sofia. According to Yordanov, the flight disappeared from information on planes arriving at Sofia airport, and the migrants upon arrival were taken behind screens to avoid being photographed by journalists.

    Prime Minister Denkov once again proves to be a liar, and this is not the last time. Ladies and gentlemen of the “Assembly,” we are Bulgarian citizens, and you have no right to hide the truth from us or the people, Yordanov declared.

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    According to him, the levels of crime committed by migrants in countries like Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany, including sexual crimes, have multiplied and are precisely committed by these migrants.

    “Do we have to wait for the events of New Year’s in Cologne to repeat, and Bulgarian girls to be raped, to understand that the behavior of the ‘Assembly’ is criminal?” he asked. “If those from ‘Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria’ are cowards, then their partners from GERB and DPS are even more guilty for letting them commit these crimes.

    “Any European country that does not want migrants on its territory can send them back and pay €20k per person,” Yordanov added. (But between us, why pay, and to whom?)



    Thierry Laurent

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    Galphon Gadulka

    More and more nonsense 🙂 Keep going morons.

    Marty G Kirkpatrick

    Seems as if the globalist plan is working feverishly.

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