• Orbán: Brussels Pushes Leftist Globalist Agenda As Panic Over Upcoming European Parliamentary Elections Sets In

    March 3, 2024
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    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via his official website

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    During his weekly interview with Radio Kossuth in Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called out leftist forces in Brussels who are frantically trying to implement their left-wing globalist agenda ahead of this summer’s European parliamentary elections.

    “There’s a phrase in the Hungarian language that accurately describes the situation in Brussels. It’s what Hungarians call ‘panic before the gates close.’ So their song is over, their mandate has expired – or at least it will expire in June – and the fine burghers of Brussels will be making one last dash, thinking that they can now complete what they failed to do when they were younger,” Orbán explained.

    “It’s a well-known fact, and it’s happening over there. So suddenly the LGBTQ issue’s being wheeled out, migration’s being wheeled out, they’re pushing for war, and they have to get these over the line. So now we’re in such a period: a more difficult, more aggressive political period in Brussels. And Hungary has to fend this off,” Orbán told Radio Kossuth. “There’s not much time left now, as the elections are in June.”

    “I see the Migration Pact as the bigger problem,” Orbán declared. “On the LGBTQ issue, I think if you go out on the streets in Hungary and ask ten people’s opinions, eleven of them will tell you where they’d like to send anyone who comes up with the idea that parents shouldn’t be the ones deciding on how to raise their children. On the issue of migration, the situation is a little more divided, although in Hungary there’s also a massive majority in favor of national sovereignty related to migration – in other words, that only Hungarians should be able to decide on whom they wish to live with. There’s a very large majority behind this: there’s been a referendum on it, which has clearly shown this, and there’s been a consultation, which has also shown this.”

     But – to put it bluntly, on a Friday morning – there are a large number of paid agents here,” Orbán warned. “So, if I remember correctly, George Soros published a program in 2015 or 2016 among his published writings. This is the notorious Soros Plan, in which he described what needs to be done. And it contains exactly the same proposals that are now in the work plan of Brussels, who are panicking about the closing gates. The proposals are that migrant ghettos should be set up, that at least a million people should be brought in every year, that they should be paid, and so on and so on and so on. They say that migration shouldn’t be rejected, but managed – this is the Soros Plan’s scenario.”

    Orbán continued, “so far we’ve been able to block it. I’ve been fighting since 2015, first alone, and then as part of a growing bloc, and in the end, the countries that can stop the idiotic pro-migration rules in Brussels were in the majority. Now we’ll have to withstand one final assault; but we’re not alone, as there are several countries that don’t support pro-migration rules. Some have explicitly and courageously opposed it, such as the Slovaks, who have stood their ground. And then there are those who have opposed it by abstaining or objecting only to certain parts of it. Such are the Czechs, and perhaps even the Poles – although now the wind there is blowing from a different direction. The Italians are thinking clearly, and the Greeks are also suffering. So there are quite a few of us here who are living our lives in the middle of the migration wave, and so far we’ve managed to defend ourselves well. And we don’t want to throw the result of the struggles of recent years – that we’ve remained migrant-free countries – out of the window because of a final pre-election rush by Brussels.” 

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    The Hungarian Prime Minister also addressed the issue of the war in Ukraine which the current leadership in Brussels, following the lead of the Biden Administration, is aggressively trying to escalate. Orbán said, “the West mustn’t throw itself into a war in which it’s obvious from basic mathematical, real-life facts that there’s no solution on the battlefield, because the Russians won’t be defeated by Ukraine, no matter how much equipment and weaponry we give them. If the Westerners don’t get involved in this war with their own armies, then Russia’s military superiority will continue, and we can say with certainty that Ukraine will have no military superiority. NATO’s very first decision was to declare that it didn’t want to send troops, that it didn’t want to get involved, that it didn’t want a NATO-Russian war, that it didn’t want Western European troops to be stationed on Ukrainian soil and to engage in combat with the Russians. So once the Western European countries had ruled that out, from then on it was clear that we had to seek a ceasefire and peace because with the current allocation of military force, Russia cannot be brought to its knees militarily.”

    Orbán added that “from Hungary’s point of view, it looks as if a global power is fighting a major war on the territory of a neighboring country, a war that’s costing hundreds of thousands of lives. And however and whenever it comes closer to us and what effect it will have on us, we can say with certainty that it will have a more immediate and tangible effect on us than on the French or the Germans or the British. Therefore, we Hungarians cannot and do not share the British, French, and German point of view, which seeks to force a military solution. We need peace in our neighborhood. For us, having peace and security here is an existential question, a matter of life and death. Peace and security is impossible with a war in a neighboring country – especially when one of the participants in that war is Russia, which is a nuclear power. This is a huge risk for the peoples of Central Europe, including Hungary. So from the Hungarian national point of view the correct moral position is a ceasefire and peace negotiations.”

    Asked if the West will change its position and pursue a negotiated settlement, the Hungarian Prime Minister replied, “Someone has to say, ‘I made a mistake.’ Sooner or later someone in the West will have to say that. This is why we’re looking forward to the U.S. presidential election, because it will give us that chance. Because while the leaders over there are also just people, and they don’t like to admit their mistakes, the election will solve this problem; because hopefully, the current president will leave office, President Trump will return, and he’ll be given a free hand to make peace. He can make peace without accepting blame. So in politics, it’s very difficult to admit mistakes, and then say that we’ve been going in one direction but now we have to go in the other direction. And this won’t happen in Europe by itself. For this, elections to the European Parliament are needed, and in America, a presidential election is needed. And if there’s a new configuration, then the European institutional system and leaders that emerge from a pro-peace European election and a Donald Trump winning in America, can, as I see it, create peace together, as an essentially American initiative.”

    Viktor Orbán is scheduled to meet with Donald Trump in Florida on March 8 to discuss the situation in Europe.



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